Last few spaces available on our Costa Rican all girls surf road trip in December!

To all my ladies! There’s only a couple of spaces left on our all girls surf road trip in Costa Rica on the 6-15th December 2012…We are so excited, it’s our favourite trip of the year and we want to get as many of you to come and join us as possible!On this epic 10 day road trip you will be treated to door to door service from the moment you touch down in San Jose airport. We start in Tamarindo with three days to get to know the gorgeous Guanacaste and it’s white sandy beaches, as well as the fun surfer town and it’s nightlife. A stunning drive down the coastal dirt road brings us to Nosara, our tranquil two night stop for surf, yoga and the best sunsets in Costa Rica. Our final destination is the very tip of this dramatic peninsular journey; the cosmopolitan surfer village of Santa Teresa, whose beach was recently voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world! You will be travelling with professional surf instructors and guides Nancy and myself, who will be giving you free surf tuition every day and will be showing you around the best of what Costa Rica has to offer. Don’t miss out :-). For any more details contact Nancy or I at, and secure your spot on this awesome trip! Here’s a little taster video to get you all as stoked as we are! See you soon! You can also get all of the details from our website here,

Four days in Spain. A day in the life of. Instagraming Vejer.

I have just got back from four days visiting an old town in Spain where I used to spend a lot of time when I was growing up. It’s one of my favourite places in the world, situated on the South coast between Gibraltar and Cadiz. This little Spanish pueblo, Vejer de La Frontera, is built on the top of hill and from the tallest houses you can see across the Gibraltar Straits to the Northern coastline of Morocco. Because of it’s location it gets some awesome waves, and our favourite beach El Palmar is only a short 10 minute drive. Down on the beach there are great restaurants, bars, and places to hire boards and wetsuits for those who like to travel hand luggage only :-). There are plenty of other great surf spots in the area within a short driving distance, but be cautious and humble towards the locals and don’t leave valuables in your car!
The town itself of Vejer has a real old spanish style, filled with locals and oozing with spanish culture. The food there is incredible. I can’t remember the last time I ate so much haha. We must have spent more time eating our way through the tapas menus than sleeping and surfing combined!
It’s very easy to slip into the Spanish way of life in Vejer. You wake up to cafe con leches and bread with olive oil and grated tomato. This is then shortly followed by a tapas style lunch and a cerveza or possibly a glass of wine, or two. From 2pm everything shuts down. The town retreats to their houses for a siesta or an “afternoon nap”, my favourite part of the daily culture of spanish life :-). The town then starts to resurrect at 6pm, with locals heading out at around 9pm for yet again more fabulous tapas, delicious wines, and in-house-made digestive shots known as “hierbas”. The bars don’t get lively until past 11pm, and you rarely make it home before 2am in the morning. Make sure you take your dancing shoes, and remember when that mid-day siesta comes around take full advantage of it’s existence, you will appreciate it later on!

Getting packed up and ready to head down to Fistral for the UK Nike Night Surf, UK Pro Surf Tour

Just finished packing up my boards and wetsuits for the contest starting tomorrow down on Fistral Beach in Newquay. It’s the first contest of the UK Pro Surf Tour for the girls, and I’m super excited to be a part of it. My first heat is around 3pm tomorrow, so I will be getting up super early to drive the five hours down the coast to get there in time for a practice surf; it’s been a LONG time since I surfed in a wetsuit haha! I’ll be driving down there in the big red van and with my best support ever, my mum :-). It’s so nice to have her coming with me, I am so lucky!
The contest should be a lot of fun, so if anyone is in the Newquay area you should definitely stop by. Carve Magazine are holding a Public Surf Session at 9.00pm under the flood lights on Friday evening, and then there will be fireworks at 10.30pm after the finals on Saturday, probably followed by a lot of party! Hope to see some of you there 🙂

Three days exploring Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Location: Tamarindo
Surf Spots: Langosta, Playa Grande, Tamarindo Bay, Avellanas, Playa Negra
Road Trip Playlist: Clay Marzo Just Add Water Soundtrack
Hostel Accomodation: Oveja Negra (amazing!)
Favourite Bars: Sharkys, The Beach Access
Favourite Breakfast Spot: Kahiki Restaurant
Favourite Dinner: Wok n Roll

On saturday morning last week we set off on a Rica Surf road trip with three girls to go and find waves in the North of Costa Rica up in Guanacaste. The swell was perfect, coming in at 5 feet and 20 seconds, and leaving us dreaming of pealing right hand point breaks and peaky beach breaks. Harriet is visiting from England, and having spent three days getting back into the groove of surfing in Jaco, we thought it would be a nice idea to take her exploring and surfing the northern beaches. The North of the country is stunning with a huge choice of waves. Even at this time of year when you can expect a lot of rain here in Costa Rica, it tends to remain much drier up there and the water is still the gorgeous picture perfect turquoise that you see on the postcards. We drove 5 hours up to Tamarindo from Playa Hermosa, and arrived in time for a super fun sunset surf session in the Tamarindo Bay. It’s a great wave when it works, with fun wedgy lefts and rights breaking off a set of rocks sat in the centre of the bay. It generally needs quite a bit of swell to produce a fun sized wave, so with the predicted forecast we knew we were going to score some good surf. The great thing about the Tamarindo area though is that even with little swell you can always find a wave to surf. In other words if you end up driving up there and being fronted with a flat bay in the middle of town, don’t freak out because there are plenty of other spots where you will be able to find some fun surf :-).

Just North of Tamarindo is Playa Grande, which is a much better facing direction and much more open to picking up swell, so if the main bay looks flat head to Grande to find waves. While we were up there however, because of the size of the swell and the direction, we surfed Langosta on our first morning which is a ten minute drive south of Tamarindo. It was super hollow when we arrived and pretty heavy, breaking on a shallow sand bar, but between the closeouts we scored some fun barrels and had a great session! The next two surf sessions we hit up Avellanas and Playa Negra accompanied by our local surfer boys Beto and Miguel :-). You can find these waves a further 20 minutes South of Tamarindo. We arrived at Avellanas on the low tide and walked down to the rivermouth to find an overhead A-Frame style peak and little crowd. Perfect!The great thing about the Northern beaches of Costa Rica at this time of year is the offshore winds. You can wake up to a glassy surf in the morning, the offshore starts to blow at around 10am/11am, and then you can expect a glassy sunset session. It’s a dreamland. We ventured to Playa Negra after Avellanas, a right hand rocky point break that works well on a mid to high tide. The conditions were great, although we were still a little early for the tide and it was looking really shallow and rocky. We ended up heading back to town for breakfast at our favourite restaurant Kahiki. They do the best and biggest breakfast in town, and its amazing value. We worked our way through the menu over the course of the three days between the five of us. There were burritos as big as your head, amazing local gallo pinto with fried cheese, extra orders of pancakes for only $1, unlimited coffee, granola fruit plates, and my personal favourite; nutella filled strawberry topped cinnamon sprinkled french toast. Oh Yeahhh.
Tamarindo was awesome. We scored amazing waves, ate amazing food and enjoyed amazing company. The town itself is really fun with loads of great bars, clubs and hang outs, and there’s more surf spots than you can count on your fingers and toes. People tend to be turned off by how built up the town is and the reputation it has for being a tourist hotspot, but as a travelling surfer I thought Tamarindo rocked. Everything is reasonably priced, the nightlife is buzzing, the surrounding beaches are gorgeous, and the waves are insane! Thank you for an incredible three days!! We will be back soon 🙂

Packing for Miami!

I’m trying to get myself organised! Everything feels like it’s moving at a million miles an hour and I can’t seem to get myself into action haha. Tomorrow I fly to Miami to meet Calavera girl Anna for the Miami Expo in South Beach. I am SO excited, I’ve never been to Miami and can’t wait to spend a couple of days in the city. We’ve got some awesome things lined up to do in the evenings after work, like an 80’s party (yikes!), bars to visit (yess!) ANNND a private premier of our new Calavera surf movie, Water Warriors! It does however mean that I will be trading in my surfboards for high heels, dresses and make-up for the next few days, which I think is why I am struggling to keep up with the pace right now. Anyway, I have my passport which I guess is the most important thing, and everything else will just fall into my bag tomorrow morning…after I surf of course 🙂

Four fabulous days surfing Pavones

Mamon chinos make good car snacks! We grabbed a bag from a man on the side of the road on the 5 hour journey down from Hermosa. Well, those…and cookies dipped in nutella! hahaha
This was the first time I have EVER seen this kind of monkey! I think they were squirrel monkeys…and everyone else in the car did as well so that’s what I am going to call them haha. There were about 30 of them scrambling across the road and jumping into the trees. They were as interested in us as we were in them! Divine!
Just before you get to Pavones, there is a bridge with a height restricting bar on the entrance so we had to take off all of our boards to get across. Above is Sebastian, as always in best spirits, lugging one of the five board bags across, and below is a friendly local chap (who had clearly done this before!!) drinking the Tona which he earned for helping lug the rest of the board bags. Thank you Sir!

Surfing surfing and more surfing. I think in three days I surfed about 21 hours! It was incredible. There is nothing better. The great thing about surfing a wave like Pavones is that because it is so perfect, you can repeat your turns over and over again and really concentrate on getting it right. Unlike surfing a beach break where you normally only get one or two chances at a manoeuvre, Pavones is a great training wave to practice and polish your surfing.
This is the view from our room. No surprise that it’s raining!!
Still waiting for the rain to stop to go for a surf!!
The tractor that saved us from our flat tyre on the way back from home from Pavones. Thank you tractor and thank you tractor driver Gustavo Solis!!

Surfing Salsa Brava, A3 Energy Drink, and taking the Starex for its first surf road trip!

This weekend the girls and I took ourselves off for a three day surf road trip over to the Caribbean side, Puerto Viejo. Rica Surf have just invested in a new starex mini van, so we thought it was only necessary to take it out for a good spin and make sure everything works well! hahaha….We had a brief stop off on the way out to get a new radio fitted so we could play all of our favourite songs, and then we were on our way!
We passed through San Jose on our way across the country to pick up a case of A3 Energy Drink to take on our trip with us. THANK YOU GUYS! It soon became the highlight of the trip; keeping our energies on a maximum high and giving us something to share with everyone that we met on our way. We love A3 🙂
We ended up staying in an awesome place in the centre of Puerto Viejo called The Lazy Mon, which is right in front of the main surf break, Salsa Brava. I could actually see the break from lying in my bed…insane! There’s a great restaurant and bar underneath the hotel, with friendly staff, a pool table, a ping pong table and lots of good vibes! We will defiantly be going back to stay there again.
We had a really fun non-stop weekend (I blame the A3 :-)!!). We surfed for hours everyday, whether it was Salsa Brava or Cocles; we made our way around all of our favourite restaurants and bars; we played who knows how many games of pool and ping pong; we listened to all of our favourite songs and found some new favourites; we danced a lot haha; and we met so many great people and new friends. The highlight of the trip however had to be surfing Salsa. I have been scared of that wave since the first time I ever saw it, and I certainly never thought I would be surfing it anytime soon. The swell however was really small, and the first morning we checked it, we decided that if there was ever a moment to get out there and learn that wave, this would be it! I was stoked to have Nancy by my side and someone to paddle out with, I don’t think I would have done it by myself. The channel out through the reef is pretty thin, and you need to know where to go once you are out there. The water was so incredibly clear, and you could see every single detail of the reef as you paddled over it. It was really amazing, and actually kind of lucky, because it meant that navigating our way out through the channel was easy because we could see exactly where to go! Once we were out there I loved it; the wave was insane. The way it sucks up over the reef was mesmerising, and I couldn’t wait to get into one! We were really lucky that the wave was small, because it meant that there wasn’t much of a crowd and we were able to catch a good few waves each and learn the break better. I can’t tell you HOW happy I am to have surfed Salsa and got my bearings on it. I have wanted to paddle out in to that line up every time I come here, and now I have! It’s such a good feeling! I am defiantly going to be coming back when there is a bit more swell and surfing there again. It’s my mission this year to get that wave dialled (and get a lot braver!!), but all of this seems a lot closer now that I have been out there and surfed it. YEEESSSSSSSSSS.

Right now I am sitting in San Jose airport waiting for my flight home to England. Of course it is delayed, but that’s okay because I had a few things to catch up on anyway. I am really looking forward to spending a week with my family and catching up with friends from home before a really busy next few months back out in Costa Rica.

Weekend in Santa Teresa

Pizza Party with the Girlies

Pizza Party with the Girlies

Dreaming..Stand Up paddle boarding to wooden ship..Tambor

Dreaming..Stand Up paddle boarding to wooden ship..Tambor

Surfing Santa Teresa with the girls

Surfing Santa Teresa with the girls

Waiting for the ferry across the Nicoya peninsula

Waiting for the ferry across the Nicoya peninsula

Here are a couple of photos for everyone from my lovely surf weekend away in my favourite spot of Santa Teresa. I spent the first four days of this week training hard with my trainer in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, concentrating on contest surfing and practising heats. When Friday hit and I checked the surf report, I couldn’t resist but to jump on the ferry and get over to surf my favourite waves in Santa Teresa. A five foot swell at 20 seconds translates into perfection on this beach break. My friend Nancy and I packed up our board bags and jumped on the 2.30pm bus from Jaco to Puntarenas. From there we took the 5pm sunset ferry across the Peninsula which takes just over an hour, and it’s a beautiful journey. When we got to the other side, the bus was completely full and they couldn’t fit us on with our boards and the taxis wanted $70, so we managed to hitch hike the last 2 hour stretch in the back of a pick up truck, arriving at our destination by 8.30; just in time for dinner and beers!

The weekend brought us AMAZING waves, I mean really amazing. The beach break held the size perfectly, and we were blessed with no wind all of Saturday, which meant perfect glassy waves all day. We couldn’t have surfed more if we tried! Sunday brought similar conditions, and we enjoyed hanging out with all our girlfriends, eating pizza, drinking smoothies and surfing all the way through till dark. We cheekily stayed an extra night on Sunday so we could get another surf in Monday morning, and then managed to get ourselves a ride in the back of a van all the way back to Jaco on Monday afternoon – SCORE!

I’m so so stoked after the weekend and I feel like I learnt so much having had the chance to surf these long open waves. I’m really looking forward to training this week and can’t wait to get in back in the water in Hermosa! x

Surfing Popoyo and Travelling Nicaragua


Travelling in pure surfer style....

Having had lots and lots of fun in Granada, I eventually I made it to the beach in Nicaragua, first stop Popoyo! And WHAT A WAVE. A left and right reef break that has both barrel and rippable sections. I defiantly recommend any surfers travelling central America to go check it out. (But make sure there is a swell!!!). Unfortunately for me I didn’t catch it very big, but you can defiantly see the potential. Surrounding Popoyo are a bunch of other awesome beach breaks, including a barreling beach break, Sant Ana, about 30 minutes walk to the South, and a fun barreling right off of the river mouth at the North end of the beach. FUN FUN FUN. I stayed in a hostel for $6 a night with my own private room – BARGAIN, and you can also expect cheap beer and food too. It’s an awesome spot and very beautiful, but you are kind of in the middle of no where. Be sure to take enough money because there is no bank or ATM for at least a 2hr drive, and internet can be sparse, so just be prepared 🙂

My other only piece of advice is, if you are travelling in January/February through Nicaragua, the offshore winds are strong and the water is COLD. So take a wetsuit! I know it sounds crazy to think that you need a wetsuit in Central America, and for the most part you don’t, but at this time of year here, you defiantly do! Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

Sunset Popoyo

View from Santa Ana looking towards Popoyo

View from Santa Ana looking towards Popoyo

No waves! Chasing culture in Granada, Nicaragua

Mags and Evie tour Granada

I have arrived in Nicaragua – YAYYY. The journey was long, and the border crossing was EXTREMELY hot and as always, involved a lot of walking around and lugging board bags and bags through the mud. For any of you who don’t know this area of the world, Nicaragua is the bordering country above Costa Rica, and often has sick waves and offshore winds all day! Yeaaaah!

I am up here to score some surf with a group of British surfers and body boarders to get some photos for a magazine. But before I go to the coast to meet the group, I am spending a couple of days exploring the culture, bars, and restaurants in Nicaragua’s oldest colonial city, Granada.

I am here with Margriet, and this morning we jumped on a horse and carriage to tour around the town in style. Haha. We sat there eating chocolate ice creams and listening to our guide tell us historial facts in fast spanish, of which we understood about 30% haha….Perfect 🙂

We just had an AMAZING lunch at The Irish Pub (I know, Nicaragua???), but we couldn’t resist the sound of battered fish and chips and a nice ice cold Tonia (Nicaraguan beer). And booyyyyyyyy it was so good!! I think one of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, and that’s talk from someone who’s eaten ALOT. I highly recommend anyone passing through Granada go try this fish and chips. It rocks!

This evening we are off searching for more local beers, music, and salsa dancing 🙂 Good Times!!