Movie Night! Hunger Games

Nancy and I last night decided to go to the small cinema and in Jaco and watch a movie. It’s been months and months since either of us have been to the cinema, so we went full out with candy’s, popcorn, tracksuit bottoms, mega size drinks and prime seats! We have been desperate to see the Hunger Games ever since we were lucky enough to have Erika Schimik down here surfing with us a few months back. She works for Lionsgate and played a major part in the publicising of the film. Having told us all about it and getting us so excited about the release, at last we had a moment free and we were able to go and watch it. I have to say it was amazing. The whole movie was exciting, unique, and had both of us desperate to see the sequel. I am heading straight out to buy the second book to see what happens in the next chapter! Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen was definitely a highlight for me. She is beautiful, mesmerising, and plays the role so well; they couldn’t have casted a better star. Thank you so much to Erika for telling us to go see it, and we really hope to have you down here surfing with us and for some more super good times soon! We love you! And for all those who haven’t watched the Hunger Games yet, or read the books, I can highly highly recommend both :-)…Simply Amazing!Surfing with Erika Schimik and the girls in Nosara, Costa Rica

I like it…

Some cool Surf Art by Susan Wickstrand

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Here are a selection of awesome Surf Art prints by Susan Wickstrand. I found her online other other day, and have completely fallen in love with her artwork. She creates mix media collages with images from the modern-day and classic surf culture. She often incorporates photos from top photographers into her prints, and you can commonly see her portraying the best modern day surfers and the old greats within the collages. Famous, popular surf spots also feature within her work, which really help create a nostalgic energy and feeling of recognition within the pieces. Her inspiration come from the surf culture of California, tropical island bliss and the Hawaiian aloha spirit. I only get good vibes from looking at her art, and now I just have to find out where I can get one for my house 🙂

Oh the importance of Sunscreen


I was stoked when my brother left me some super good sunscreen when he went back to England. Now, I am a sunscreen fanatic. I spend WAY too much time in the sun for a blond pale Brit, so I’m always really careful with the sun cream I choose. I surf all through the morning, all the way through lunch, and I surf while the sun goes down. Anything below 30spf is useless to me, especially with the burning hot sun I spend my days in, and of course it has to be super super super waterproof, aaaand not run into your eyes- that’s defiantly annoying. I normally swear by the AloeGator spf40 gel, which sees me through a good couple of hours in the water without getting burnt. But this Surfers Skin stuff my brother left me is defiantly a rival. So far, so good. As well as the full sun cream, I got this killer little pot of Surfers Skin zinc as well, which I slap on all over my face. It ‘s not the best look, I won’t lie, but it’s defiantly better than wrinkles by the time I reach 23! It’s so important to protect your skin for so many reasons, and a layer of zinc on top of your usual sunscreen is really key for your face.