Protect your skin in the sun!

It’s so so important to protect your skin from the sun, especially when you spend as much time out in it as we surfers do. Our faces are sensitive so we need to take good care of them as much as we can ;-). A great and fun way to protect your skin in the sun while surfing is by using this awesome coloured zinc. It’s really easy to apply, waterproof, and acts as a complete block against the sun. The Rica Surf Camp girls showed up this morning with three different colours which we all slapped across our faces and noses…Pick your colour and rock it! Thank you girlies x
Here is the link where you can check out this fabulous coloured Zinka

Well, its I painted my nails

Raining raining raining…So I am sitting here watching the Nike Lowers Pro and I painted my nails – it feels good! x

p.p.papaya face p.papaya face

Papaya Faces

Papaya Faces

HAHAHAHAHAHA…..There has been a papaya sitting in Nancy and I’s kitchen for the last week now. Neither of us like eating papaya uurrrrgggh and we needed to get rid of it, so we decided to make it into face mask (yes, this was our first time!!!)
We mashed it up in the blender with a bit of honey and covered our faces in it. We left it on for no more than 5 minutes, and the results were amazing! Our skin feels so soft and clear right now, it’s incredible. It seems to even out your skin tones and make your skin really radiant – the best face mask I have ever used. I can highly recommend the papaya face! It’s easy, it’s natural and it’s really really good for you. Plus, if you like papaya you can eat it too!

Why is papaya so good?
Its FULL of antioxidants and Vitamin A, so it makes a great cleanser.
It helps to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin in a natural way so your skin will feel soft and look refreshed.
It is full of alpha-hydroxy acids which are known for their anti-ageing properties, and work as a great skin firmer.
NOTE: I did read that you shouldn’t leave it on for more than 5 minutes, because it is an acidic fruit and may cause dryness if you leave it on for too long!

“E”sculpting the perfect bottom!

Hahaha so take this video with a pinch of salt….It’s funny, Leandro is hilarious, and there are some useful things we can take from it!! So, this has all come from when me and the girls were in the gym today talking about bums, as you do. And we got talking to a girl who had a particularly great backside, and asked her how she got it. After a bit of advice and a bit of research 😉 this is what I found out about how to get a great bottom – not smaller, not flatter, but more pert, round, and in some cases – bigger!

First of all, there are more than one muscle in your bum- there are actually three. So just doing one kind of squat, or exercise does not work the whole bum. As the Brazilian butt master Leandro says, we need to “e”sculpt the bottom, and this involves working these three different muscles.

SQUATS – Squats are a great way to tone and build the muscles in your bum. Start off by doing them with your own body weight, and then add weights over time. Using weights while doing your squats will build muscle! We started our routine this morning by doing three different series of 10 squats (with 35 kg weights). One series with the feet/toes pointing straight, one with the toes pointing out, and the third series with alternate feet standing on tiptoe. Doing this you can really feel the different muscles in your bum region working :-)!!!

Tip: After each squat pull your hips forward and clench your bum in!!! – feeeel the burn hahaha. Plus when doing all of your exercises, keep your shoulders back and down and draw strength from your core (your tummy): this will protect and add more to your workout.

Side squat leg lift

Side squat leg liftback

LEG LIFTS – Lifting your leg out to the side, whether in a standing position or on all fours on the floor, is a great way to work the outer edge muscle and inner thigh. Tone tone tone! Lifting your leg up and back (kickbacks) works in a similar way, and is great for your glutes (bottom!), quads, calves and hamstrings. These I have been doing in sets of 20 on each leg.


Front, reverse, and side lunges all work your backside muscles. Do a series in a similar way to the squats in sets of 10 lunges. You can hold weights in your hands to add to the workout and build muscle over time.


Hill workouts are great for working your glutes. So when you are doing your cardiovascular exercises, try setting a hill option to your walking, running or cross trainer, or set a high intensity when if you are cycling. Climbing stairs is also awesome for working the butt too!



All we need to do now is turn all of this into a shimmy and a dance like the video haha- much more fun than monotonic leg lifts in the gym!!

Now I am no trainer – so I am sure there is plenty more research to be done and things to learn. But I am feeling confident that with these new adjustments in our routine and our new found knowledge about how to sculpt the bum from our brazilian legend, we will all have much perter butts by the end of the month! So watch out reef girls!! Hahahaha

It's probably mostly genetic, but we can try!

It's probably mostly genetic, but we can try!

Look after and Love you hair, wherever you are….

The more expensive product - but it really is GOOD.

The more expensive product - but it really is GOOD.

As surfer girls, we spend so much of our time in the sea and in the sun, which constantly puts pressure on and dries out our hair. We see the damage as split ends, and coarse, brittle, dry hair that breaks easily. I try and do lots of different things to keep my hair looking healthy and growing strong, so here are a couple of tips. These are also great tips for you girls in the freezing cold right now who need a way to brighten up their hair and add shine to give that healthy glow 🙂

Coconut Oil once a fortnight:  Once or sometimes twice a fortnight, I leave coconut oil in my hair over night for a great conditioning treatment. Obviously putting in a lot of coconut oil into your hair makes it looks greasy, so this is why I let it soak in over night and then shower and wash my hair again in the morning. It works best applying it to wet hair, and always try and chose a natural brand of oil or coconut extract that comes looking like a bar of soap. A great place to check if they have it is your local health food store, they normally stock organic oil like this. If not, there are plenty of options to buy it online :-).

Comb through your conditioner!!!: Easy peasy, and makes the world of difference to your hair every time you wash it. Haha, I have only just started doing this after about 20 years of washing my own hair, and I can’t recommend it enough!

Argan Oil: (Also known as Moroccan Oil). This stuff is like GOLD DUST to me. Sometimes I use it in a similar way that I use the coconut oil – as an over night mask. But I also use it as a serum. A tiny coin sized amount combed though the ends of your hair is a great way to treat it with goodness after every wash. It’s filled with so many great things for your hair that will make it feel super soft and look shiny and healthy. There are many different brands selling Argan Oil products at the moment, though I was lucky enough to get on a surf trip this year to Morocco and pick up about 10 bottles of it from the local markets there. My favourite serum however is the Organix Penetrating Oil. It’s awesome and not super expensive like some of the other brands.

Argan oil serum

Argan oil serum