Give your board some personal love. Posca pens, spray paints, and how to.

boardpaintingPainting your surfboard is a super fun project, but personalising your stick can make you love it and want to use it even more; so pick out some of your favourite colours and go big. On this particular one I chose to use Posca pens and Sharpies. They are really fun and easy to draw with, and allow you to go into lot more detail than just using spray paints.

Here are a few tips about how to glam up your board 🙂

Step 1: Clean your board thoroughly. First, take the wax off using a wax comb or some sort of spatula. Paint thinner is a great way to get off that waxy film, and any dirt or salt. You can buy it from pretty much any hardware store. People say don’t put any harsh chemicals on your board, maybe they are right, but paint thinner has always worked great for me and does a thorough job! You can also use the Wax Pickle to remove excess wax, and then scrub using the green side of a sponge or even a light sandpaper.

Step 2: Find a design. It’s always easier to have some sort of design in your head or even better printed out in front of you, especially if you’re not an artist which I am not haha. You don’t necessarily need to stick to it exactly, but some sort of starting point is important.

Step 3: Do an outline in pencil. Sometimes it can be overwhelming going straight in for the thick black marker.

Step 4: If you want to use spray paints, get a base colour down marking out the area using masking tape. Once this is dry, you can really go to town using the posca pens. They have amazing bright colours and are easy and fun to use. Remember if you ever make a mistake, you can go back to your paint thinner and use it like an eraser 🙂

Step 5: Once you finished your work of art and left it to dry, you need to do a topcoat. Ideally you want to use a clear acrylic spray paint, and you want to do a couple of thin, even coats, using long, smooth, horizontal strokes.

And VOILA, your rocking new board is ready to go.


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