10 day countdown until Costa Rica!

So I have officially started my 10 day countdown! I’ve been back in the UK now for 10 weeks recovering from a rib injury that I have had for over a year. Despite having been competing in the UK Pro Surf Tour, I have not been training and have spent a large proportion of my time resting. I never thought resting would be so hard haha. Not surfing daily or doing my normal workouts has been a real test on my mental strength more than anything else. But after 10 weeks, I am pretty much fully recovered and so ready to get back into my routine and train hard for 2013. I’m going to be doing a bit of training this week, because having spent so long resting my body, I’m feeling a little out of shape and like I need a kickstart myself and my confidence back into action. I have been browsing the web, pinterest, and all other internet sources today to find some exercises to get me motivated to get back in to my training. And tomorrow, I shall statrt with this killer ab workout, followed by some body rocking with Lisa! 🙂

Killer Ab Workout: 25 Stability Ball Crunches •20 Leg Lifts(with ball between legs) •30 Regular Crunches(with heels on the ball, legs at 90 degrees) •40 Bicycles •Plank to failure(Keeping your body in a straight line on elbows and toes, hold this position for as long as possible without losing proper hip alignment.) Repeat this circuit 3-5 times. *TIP*- Exhale as you contract your abs. Pause at the top to really squeeze the abdominal muscles.

Click here for today's body rock with Lisa

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