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Me, Celine and Lucy at the UK Pro Surf Awards 🙂
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Super happy to be UK Number 1 Female Surfer 2012! Yeeewwwww

Super super happy to have got 1st place on the Women’s UK Pro Surf Tour this year! It’s been an awesome three months of travelling around the UK, meeting all the British surfers, hanging out and surfing with all the British girls, and generally having the best time. Its been such an amazing experience, and I couldn’t be happier to have come away with the British UKPSA title. I want to give a massive thanks to my sponsors who have made it possible, Calavera Swimwear who are my support life-line, A3 Energy, and Dragon Alliance. To my friends and family who have been there for me always, I can’t thank you enough or show enough appreciation for everything you give me. Also a huge thanks to Dave Reed for organising all the events and putting on a really fun tour for us all, and Rob Tibbles, our legend photographer sticking it out for hours in the cold, thank you as well! I’ve has the best time and couldn’t be more stoked!

Demasiada feliz por ganar el campeonato nacional del Reino Unido 2012. Quiero agradecer a mis sponsors por todo el apoyo este año y también a mi entrenador Geancarlo Loria Fonseca. Sin el apoyo de todas estas personas, mi familia, mis amigos y Costa Rica, no hubiera alcanzado mis metas este año, les agradezco demasiado. Mil gracias y muy feliz!!

Yeeeewwwwwwwwwwww x

10 day countdown until Costa Rica!

So I have officially started my 10 day countdown! I’ve been back in the UK now for 10 weeks recovering from a rib injury that I have had for over a year. Despite having been competing in the UK Pro Surf Tour, I have not been training and have spent a large proportion of my time resting. I never thought resting would be so hard haha. Not surfing daily or doing my normal workouts has been a real test on my mental strength more than anything else. But after 10 weeks, I am pretty much fully recovered and so ready to get back into my routine and train hard for 2013. I’m going to be doing a bit of training this week, because having spent so long resting my body, I’m feeling a little out of shape and like I need a kickstart myself and my confidence back into action. I have been browsing the web, pinterest, and all other internet sources today to find some exercises to get me motivated to get back in to my training. And tomorrow, I shall statrt with this killer ab workout, followed by some body rocking with Lisa! 🙂

Killer Ab Workout: 25 Stability Ball Crunches •20 Leg Lifts(with ball between legs) •30 Regular Crunches(with heels on the ball, legs at 90 degrees) •40 Bicycles •Plank to failure(Keeping your body in a straight line on elbows and toes, hold this position for as long as possible without losing proper hip alignment.) Repeat this circuit 3-5 times. *TIP*- Exhale as you contract your abs. Pause at the top to really squeeze the abdominal muscles.

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Found some gems in the old photo albums at home #throwbacks #lovebeinghome

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British Interclubs Surf contest and Halloween madness!

I’ve had an awesome couple of days down in North Devon this weekend surfing in the British National Inter clubs contest and celebrating halloween in true style with Britains’ surfer chicks! The Interclubs contest was amazing fun, and Sunday brought perfect 4 foot offshore waves at Croyde which was complete heaven to compete in. I also got a chance to ride my new FireWire Bourez model which was super fun, I love it! Thanks so much to SurfingGB for organising such a great event, and all of the sponsors that made it possible. Also BIG thanks to the Campbell family for having me to stay in their beautiful house in Woolocombe all weekend, Woolacombe Surf Club for letting me join their awesome team, and obviously to the girls for a FABULOUS halloween fiesta. Great times!!