Surfing in the snow and making snow angels!

Welcome to Scotland. This ain’t no Costa Rica, and today I experienced another level of surfing. We are up in Thurso for the UK Pro Surf Tour Relentless contest, and it’s freezing cold with crazy weather patterns haha. The surf conditions were really awful this afternoon, but Lucy and I decided to paddle out anyway for a practice surf before we compete tomorrow. Just as we paddled out we got hit by a hail squall with 45mph winds, and we were blinded by ice balls hitting us in our faces…It was insane haha. We then ended up being dragged into a current that was like trying to paddle up a river, and we ended up 500m down the coast within 20 minutes. After an hour and a half of paddling with Lucy closely being followed by a massive seal the whole time, we decided to give in. All I can say is that I desperately hope the conditions improve tomorrow, and thank the lord for the gloves, boots and hood that I threw in last minute!
(If you are wondering what we are doing lying on the ground in the photos, we are making snow angels!! Haha…It had to be done)

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