Four days in Spain. A day in the life of. Instagraming Vejer.

I have just got back from four days visiting an old town in Spain where I used to spend a lot of time when I was growing up. It’s one of my favourite places in the world, situated on the South coast between Gibraltar and Cadiz. This little Spanish pueblo, Vejer de La Frontera, is built on the top of hill and from the tallest houses you can see across the Gibraltar Straits to the Northern coastline of Morocco. Because of it’s location it gets some awesome waves, and our favourite beach El Palmar is only a short 10 minute drive. Down on the beach there are great restaurants, bars, and places to hire boards and wetsuits for those who like to travel hand luggage only :-). There are plenty of other great surf spots in the area within a short driving distance, but be cautious and humble towards the locals and don’t leave valuables in your car!
The town itself of Vejer has a real old spanish style, filled with locals and oozing with spanish culture. The food there is incredible. I can’t remember the last time I ate so much haha. We must have spent more time eating our way through the tapas menus than sleeping and surfing combined!
It’s very easy to slip into the Spanish way of life in Vejer. You wake up to cafe con leches and bread with olive oil and grated tomato. This is then shortly followed by a tapas style lunch and a cerveza or possibly a glass of wine, or two. From 2pm everything shuts down. The town retreats to their houses for a siesta or an “afternoon nap”, my favourite part of the daily culture of spanish life :-). The town then starts to resurrect at 6pm, with locals heading out at around 9pm for yet again more fabulous tapas, delicious wines, and in-house-made digestive shots known as “hierbas”. The bars don’t get lively until past 11pm, and you rarely make it home before 2am in the morning. Make sure you take your dancing shoes, and remember when that mid-day siesta comes around take full advantage of it’s existence, you will appreciate it later on!

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