Practising the carving backside 360

This morning we went training to a fun little left point break about 40 minutes from where I live. For me, being regular footed, it meant that it was a great opportunity for me to practise my backside surfing. The wave is short and punchy, and on the set waves you could get three turns in but on the majority of the waves it was pretty much a two turn ride. After an hour or so of practising snaps and concentrating on entering the wave vertically, I began to practice my backside 360. Here I have posted a video of Carissa Moore perfecting what I was trying to learn today. It’s a quick sharp movement performed at the top of the wave using a lot of pressure on your back foot. It’s most easily landed when done in the critical section so you can use the white water to push your board back around. What helped me a lot when trying to learn this manoeuvre was to take out my centre fin and practice it over and over again to get use to the sensation of riding backwards and getting the board back around. Without a centre fin it is much easier to rotate the board to fins first, and ultimately ride out the 360 🙂

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