Surf training for the final of the Costa Rican National Circuit

This Friday and Saturday will be the final contest of the Costa Rican National surf circuit in Playa Hermosa. I have spent the last couple of days training and getting prepared with my trainer Geancarlo. The swell has been big the last week, so we’ve been surfing a couple of different point breaks and high tide in Jaco. It’s supposed to be dropping off for the weekend though so hopefully we should have some fun manageable waves in Hermosa. Fingers crossed! I’m excited for the final event of the year and hoping for a decent result. I really want to be in the final after ending up in the semis in the last two contests. It means a lot to me to do well. I feel like the last month of training has really helped my surfing, so all I need to do is mentally prepare myself and focus on the weekend. I have three more days to get myself feeling confident and ready!
It should be a great weekend, so anyone in the area or visiting should get to Playa Hermosa and come and join the fiesta at Backyard Bar! The contest starts on Friday morning at 7am 🙂

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