Calavera’s short film Water Warriors premiering at the New York Surf Film Festival

Calavera is EXTREMELY proud to announce its short movie WATER WARRIORS will premiere at the New York Surf Film Festival. If anyone is in New York around the 18th-22nd of this month you should definitely stop by and check it out 🙂
You can watch the trailer and find other details here New York Surf Film Festival line-up and trailers

Final contest of the Costa Rican national circuit, Playa Hermosa

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This weekend was the final contest of the Costa Rican National circuit in Playa Hermosa. We had awesome waves for the finals on Sunday, with a bit more swell pushing through and an amazing show of surfing put on by all the competitors. The weekend was a complete success and so many people showed up to watch and support the contest, it was amazing, I have never seen that many people on the beach! I was super stoked to get third place in the contest, and I am now ranked number 4 in Costa Rica. I want to thank my sponsors Calavera Swimwear and A3 Energy Drink for all of the support this year, I couldn’t have done it without you! Also a big thank you to everyone who came to support this weekend, you guys all made the event the big success that it was. A huge congratulations to Nataly Bernold, our number 1 female :-), and to Gilbert Brown who won the Open after a final of the most incredible surfing against Anthony Fillingham, Anthony Segura and Noe Mar McGonagle.

I am ready now more than ever to train hard and really push my surfing to the next level for this coming year. I have learnt so much this year through competing in the Costa Rican circuit, and training with my coach Geancarlo. The next few months are important for me to get organised with a decent training programme in preparation for next year and to get together my portfolio to help find sponsorship to help me get to bigger events in competition surfing! I’m super excited and ready to give it my all, best and more!

Contest preparation and the gym!

The waves this afternoon were pretty bad with strong on-shore winds and messy conditions. I decided to go to the gym instead to do some co-ordination exercises using light weights and a short workout in preparation for the contest in three days time. Tomorrow I am getting up early to go and surf a beach break about 20 minutes from Playa Hermosa to do practise heats and get my head set into competition mode!

Practising the carving backside 360

This morning we went training to a fun little left point break about 40 minutes from where I live. For me, being regular footed, it meant that it was a great opportunity for me to practise my backside surfing. The wave is short and punchy, and on the set waves you could get three turns in but on the majority of the waves it was pretty much a two turn ride. After an hour or so of practising snaps and concentrating on entering the wave vertically, I began to practice my backside 360. Here I have posted a video of Carissa Moore perfecting what I was trying to learn today. It’s a quick sharp movement performed at the top of the wave using a lot of pressure on your back foot. It’s most easily landed when done in the critical section so you can use the white water to push your board back around. What helped me a lot when trying to learn this manoeuvre was to take out my centre fin and practice it over and over again to get use to the sensation of riding backwards and getting the board back around. Without a centre fin it is much easier to rotate the board to fins first, and ultimately ride out the 360 🙂

Surf training for the final of the Costa Rican National Circuit

This Friday and Saturday will be the final contest of the Costa Rican National surf circuit in Playa Hermosa. I have spent the last couple of days training and getting prepared with my trainer Geancarlo. The swell has been big the last week, so we’ve been surfing a couple of different point breaks and high tide in Jaco. It’s supposed to be dropping off for the weekend though so hopefully we should have some fun manageable waves in Hermosa. Fingers crossed! I’m excited for the final event of the year and hoping for a decent result. I really want to be in the final after ending up in the semis in the last two contests. It means a lot to me to do well. I feel like the last month of training has really helped my surfing, so all I need to do is mentally prepare myself and focus on the weekend. I have three more days to get myself feeling confident and ready!
It should be a great weekend, so anyone in the area or visiting should get to Playa Hermosa and come and join the fiesta at Backyard Bar! The contest starts on Friday morning at 7am 🙂

Snaps from Santa Teresa

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Surfing in my all time favourite Calavera Glam bikini, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Lucky to live in the beautiful Costa Rica

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Photos taking from the Iphone, Instagram.

This morning I set out at 6am in search of waves. A new swell hit the Pacific Coast today and all of the beach breaks would be too big and closing out for sure. We hit a couple of my all time favourite waves here around Playa Hermosa which were breaking perfectly with the swell direction. A left hand point break first, followed by a super fun A-frame. It was awesome. I love this time of year here in Costa Rica. We surfers thrive off back to back overhead swells, and everything looks so beautiful. As we drove around this morning I took a couple photos on my iPhone of all of the spots we checked, and it made me realise once again what an amazing country I am lucky enough to live in and enjoy. Costa Rica I love you!

My first written article published in Surf Girl Magazine

I am really happy to have had my first written article published in this months Surf Girl Magazine. You can check it out online at, or even better go and buy a hard copy! Yay! Thanks so much to Louise from Surf Girl and Mike Searle for all of the awesome photos. You guys rock!

Beach Day with the surfer girls: Intel Commercial

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Here are a few of the shots from our all girls beach day filming for the Intel Commercial. Huge thanks to Scott Rinckenberger for letting us share all of his beautiful photographs and for an awesome day with all of the girls! Super stoked 🙂

Sunrise Surfing, Santa Teresa

To me there’s nothing better than getting up before sunrise to head out for a surf. At 4.30am we grabbed our boards, still dark, and jumped on the quads to set off on the dirt roads to our favourite point break. The views were breathtaking, with the light rising and dipping ahead of us as we skimmed the top of the mountain, racing to the other side of the peninsula. We made it to our destination just as the sun was rising out of the ocean. And the waves? Perfect, no crowd, priceless.