Packing for Miami!

I’m trying to get myself organised! Everything feels like it’s moving at a million miles an hour and I can’t seem to get myself into action haha. Tomorrow I fly to Miami to meet Calavera girl Anna for the Miami Expo in South Beach. I am SO excited, I’ve never been to Miami and can’t wait to spend a couple of days in the city. We’ve got some awesome things lined up to do in the evenings after work, like an 80’s party (yikes!), bars to visit (yess!) ANNND a private premier of our new Calavera surf movie, Water Warriors! It does however mean that I will be trading in my surfboards for high heels, dresses and make-up for the next few days, which I think is why I am struggling to keep up with the pace right now. Anyway, I have my passport which I guess is the most important thing, and everything else will just fall into my bag tomorrow morning…after I surf of course šŸ™‚

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