Surfed out, hurting, and super stoked!

Three days of surfing Pavones and I am hurting hurting hurting! We have been so lucky with the waves I can’t tell you…absolute perfection…I’m so stoked. I will post photos as soon as I have them loaded! The internet connection here has been really poor so I haven’t been able to connect to the blog, or anything of that matter. We have had mad electrical storms and crazy rain, but hours and hours of perfect waves so I cannot complain! Right now we are sitting in the local bar drinking beers and waiting for the rain to pass; the lighting and thunder is insane right now! Everyone is super happy, drinking beers, and sharing stories of their waves. The vibe is awesome and everyone is so stoked!
…Tomorrow we head back to reality, back to work and back to internet connection, so I will post photos of our three day surf adventure!

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