Today’s BodyRock….

Okay…This is todays body rocking session…!! It was particularly hot here in the garden this afternoon so I definitely feel like I have done a workout and I definitely sweated haha! The pool was very inviting after this one :-). This workout only took 12 minutes, and after I finished I felt one million times better. I can’t recommend the body rocking enough. It’s a short intense workout, and 90% of them you can do at home with no other equipment. The best way to do the workout is watch the videos, and then write down in your own words an explanation for each exercise, so you don’t have to keep reverting the video for whats coming next. If you are new to body rocking, you can also do easier variations of each exercise, and then make it harder each time…
The first part of this body rock is particularly simple (it only has two exercises!!), but for the variation, if you do not have the equipment or need something easier, choose press ups. You can do a wide legged press up followed by a press up with your feet together and go from there :-). Make sure you always suck in through the core and remain strong from the centre to use all your body throughout the workout! It’s only 4 minutes on each part, so work hard! 😉 The next 4 minute section includes chin ups (my worst!!), and then in the final 4 minutes is a variation of lower abdominal exercises. If don’t have anything in the house to do the abdominals, chose 3 different variations of sit ups :-). Equally for the skipping, if you don’t have a rope, do some high knees!

It’s a great workout, a short amount of your time, and everyday with this little bit of work you will feel stronger, fitter and more positive in everything. LOVE the body rock!

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