Hand Stand for Whales

Last night I gathered with this weeks crew of Rica Surfers to join a petition by adding our hand print to thousands of others that are supporting the proposal for the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. An event held at the Backyard in Playa Hermosa by Natalie Fox showed us the importance and the severity of illegal whaling with the screening of the brand new documentary, Minds In The Water. This movie introduces the issues of whaling and dolphin slaughtering through the eyes of the surfer Dave Rastovich, and follows his journey to unite with fellow environmentalists and ocean lovers to create the Non Profit Organisation, Surfers for Cetaceans.

The Minds In The Water Tico Tour is to raise awareness and rally surfers in Central America to join the group Surfers for Cetaceans in Panama for the next International Whaling Commission meeting. This will take place the 2nd-6th July in Panama City.

Thanks so much to Natalie Fox, an ambassador of Surfers For Cetaceans and co-founder of Women For Whales for her inspirational visit and for sharing her passion towards this movement with all of us here in Playa Hermosa. I wish you the best of luck with your onward journey around Costa Rica and to Panama City for the Whaling Commission Meeting, we will forever be supporting you!

Please help and show your awareness by signing these petitions below! Thanks!
Join the visual petition with 1000's of other surfers HERE.
Sign the Hand Stand for whales petition HERE
"Like" the Surfers For Cetaceans page HERE

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