Great Surfing Workouts with Laura Enever

These three exercises are GREAT to add to your workout to help you strengthen your core and improve your balance. I chose to do 12 reps of each exercise on each side, and I go through this circuit twice. Start with as many as you can, and after a couple of times completing this workout out you will be able to feel the difference and be able to add more reps. You will also see and feel the difference in your surfing. Combine these exercises with an interval programmed cardio workout such as running or biking, 200 varied sit ups, squats and lunges with weights, and you can keep you heart rate high throughout the workout by using a skipping rope between exercises. A full circuit in the gym for me will normally take about an hour and fifteen minutes if I work hard and fast, which is great because I can sneak in the time early in the morning or in the evening before dinner. There’s no better feeling than being fit and healthy, and putting your time into your workouts will really help you benefit in so many other areas of your life, as well as improving your physical appearance. Exercising helps to enhance state of mind, produces endorphins which make you happy :-), boosts your confidence and improves your all round health. Love you body, love your life! Thanks Laura for the workout tips!

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