Today’s BodyRock….

Okay…This is todays body rocking session…!! It was particularly hot here in the garden this afternoon so I definitely feel like I have done a workout and I definitely sweated haha! The pool was very inviting after this one :-). This workout only took 12 minutes, and after I finished I felt one million times better. I can’t recommend the body rocking enough. It’s a short intense workout, and 90% of them you can do at home with no other equipment. The best way to do the workout is watch the videos, and then write down in your own words an explanation for each exercise, so you don’t have to keep reverting the video for whats coming next. If you are new to body rocking, you can also do easier variations of each exercise, and then make it harder each time…
The first part of this body rock is particularly simple (it only has two exercises!!), but for the variation, if you do not have the equipment or need something easier, choose press ups. You can do a wide legged press up followed by a press up with your feet together and go from there :-). Make sure you always suck in through the core and remain strong from the centre to use all your body throughout the workout! It’s only 4 minutes on each part, so work hard! 😉 The next 4 minute section includes chin ups (my worst!!), and then in the final 4 minutes is a variation of lower abdominal exercises. If don’t have anything in the house to do the abdominals, chose 3 different variations of sit ups :-). Equally for the skipping, if you don’t have a rope, do some high knees!

It’s a great workout, a short amount of your time, and everyday with this little bit of work you will feel stronger, fitter and more positive in everything. LOVE the body rock!

Movie Night! Hunger Games

Nancy and I last night decided to go to the small cinema and in Jaco and watch a movie. It’s been months and months since either of us have been to the cinema, so we went full out with candy’s, popcorn, tracksuit bottoms, mega size drinks and prime seats! We have been desperate to see the Hunger Games ever since we were lucky enough to have Erika Schimik down here surfing with us a few months back. She works for Lionsgate and played a major part in the publicising of the film. Having told us all about it and getting us so excited about the release, at last we had a moment free and we were able to go and watch it. I have to say it was amazing. The whole movie was exciting, unique, and had both of us desperate to see the sequel. I am heading straight out to buy the second book to see what happens in the next chapter! Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen was definitely a highlight for me. She is beautiful, mesmerising, and plays the role so well; they couldn’t have casted a better star. Thank you so much to Erika for telling us to go see it, and we really hope to have you down here surfing with us and for some more super good times soon! We love you! And for all those who haven’t watched the Hunger Games yet, or read the books, I can highly highly recommend both :-)…Simply Amazing!Surfing with Erika Schimik and the girls in Nosara, Costa Rica

Body Rock Week!

This week I am committing myself to doing a body rock routine everyday. It only takes between 15 and 30 minutes, which works perfectly with my busy schedule with the surf camp in the next few days. This was the workout I chose today, and this is me jumping into the pool in celebration that it was over hahahaha… 🙂 Stay posted for more workouts this week!

Missing Surfing!

Can’t wait to get back into the water soon!! I’m counting down the days…. 🙂

Finalmente….NUEVAS TABLAS!

Today was a good day. It’s been a tricky week for me. I have not been able to surf or train because I have strained my intercostal (rib) muscles, which I have to say is one of the most irritating and frustrating injuries I have yet to have. There is little you can do in terms of recuperation for this kind of injury apart from resting, and I HATE resting haha. I don’t know how to rest :-(. I love surfing, it’s my life, it’s my ambition, it’s my motivation; so when an injury takes all of that away from me, I end up feeling lost, lazy, and to be honest bored. There’s only so many hours in the day I can sleep haha! It’s only been a week of the three weeks I was told to “rest” by the doctor, but because it was the Soulstice Contest today on my home beach, I decided that it was in my deed to go out and surf the contest. In terms of my injury it was not a good idea, but for my mental state (the important one!) I felt a million times better. There is nothing that makes me feel more happy than being out there in the water and surfing…ever. It’s amazing, and that’s why I surf, and also why I cannot live without surfing. The waves in the contest were super fun; it felt so awesome to be back in the ocean. I ended up winning the girls, and winning a brand new board!!! I couldn’t be happier. I have had my magic board now for just over 2 years. Yes, the same board haha, day in, day out, surfing it pretty much every day for over two years. Today has been my lucky day. I won a brand new board, and managed to pick up a board with my perfect dimensions for $200 from another competitor. Injury karma was definitely working in my favour! Although these next two weeks I will not be able to surf, I am so stoked on my new quiver that I may be able to hold it together and stay in my positive spirit haha. I have a full surf camp this week with an awesome Rica Surf group, and I can’t wait to teach them all we know and love about surfing. Before I know it, I will be back in the water trying my new boards and once again back into training and learning new things…MAY THE TIME PASS FAST!
I would like to thank Las Olas for the amazing contest today in Playa Hermosa. There was a great turn out of competitors, sponsors, and spectators that carried good vibes throughout the beach and made the contest so enjoyable for everyone, thank you! We are all definitely looking forward to next years event and another fabulous day of beach cleaning, surfing, and good vibes in Playa Hermosa…Pura Vida!!!


Follow this, and believe in youself. A little bit every day goes a long way….x

Happy International Surfing Day!

I want to wish a Happy International Surfing Day to all of the surfers and ocean lovers out there. If there was ever a day to show our respects to the waves and the ocean, today is it. Spend all day surfing. Enjoy and embrace the freedom that comes with being a surfer. Today is our day dedicated to surfing, so lets all go and make the most of it! Surf Surf Surf….we love you!

Featured in this month’s Swoop Magazine!

Calavera Testing! Will the suits stay on?

Here is the full video of our Calavera car wash experience. Jordan and I had to sit on the front of the car while going through an automated car wash to test if the Calavera Bikinis do really stay on in tough conditions. Watch the video and see for yourself haha! Please share and spread the Calavera word!