New Boxing Gloves!

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I was so so happy to receive my new boxing gear this morning! I’ve never had my own pair of gloves before :-). Thanks LA Boxing, and thanks to Corey who is the best boxing inspiration ever, I’m so stoked. I love boxing because it’s a high intensity, full body workout that keeps you moving the whole time. It’s such a great training tool for your surfing. I try to add at least 4 hours of boxing to my weekly training, and it’s probably my favourite part of my routine (apart from the surfing!!). It provides a full cardio work-out for the whole body, and really helps to increase agility and coordination, tone muscles and greater your all round fitness. All of these things are great for your surfing. More than that, it’s super fun and almost addictive. The hitting and punching is a great way to get out tension and an awesome stress reliever. If you haven’t tried it, then I highly recommend it! An hour an a half class is a great way to end the day and defiantly means that you will get a good nights sleep!

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