A couple of surfing tips and random things I learnt this week!

1. Don’t throw sticks for dogs you don’t know on the beach while warming up for surfing, because they might come back and annoyingly bark at you for the next 20 minutes while your trying to stretch.
2. Always paddle out towards the set, even if it looks huge, never paddle in to the beach! 99% of the time you will take less of a beating and may make it over! (The other 1% does hurt bad though haha).
3. Don’t drive to a contest throughout the night when competing the following day, because you’ll be really tired and won’t be able to perform properly.
4. Don’t moisturise the night before surfing or the morning before, because you will be very slippery and will slip off your board!
5. TOUCH THE WATER ON YOUR BOTTOM TURN! Backside and front side. It helps you compress your back leg and will make your turns more vertical.
6. Surfing is the best cure for a hangover – even 20 minutes in the water will make you feel much better 🙂
7. Stay hydrated with electrolytes! Your energy levels will be so much higher. My favourites are agua de pipa (coconut water) and gatorade.
8. Listen to your favourite tunes before you go for a surf to get you pumped up!
9. Don’t assume that where the busiest spot in the water is the best. Other people have probably just made that assumption. Avoid the crowd!
10. Paddle for every wave like you mean it. The harder you paddle, the quicker you will get into the wave. Never half paddle and pull out – because a lot of the time you will end up going over the falls haha. Be confident, paddle hard and catch all the waves you want!

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