Testing of the Calavera’s part 2: Calavera girls go through the car wash!

Today we took the Calavera bikini testing to another level. Jordan and I went through an automatic car wash, strapped to the outside of the car! It was the ultimate test to see if the bikinis stayed on – and they defiantly did! We are stoked to be releasing the video in a month or so, but for now all I have is this photo of us coming out looking a little bit shell shocked hahaha. I was SO nervous about going through, as you can imagine! I grabbed Jordan’s hand super hard the whole way and kicked and screamed as soon as the machines turned on. It was like being on a horror ride at the fair – I HATE that kind of thing hahaha. GNARLY! We filmed from three angles – the GoPro which you can see strapped to my head haha, Anna filming from inside the car, and then our photographer Juan filming from the outside. I can’t WAIT to see it all put together!

After we had been put through the car wash, I then had to do a photo shoot for the new Calavera Ad campaign to go with the car wash theme. We had already gained a bit of attention being two girls in the middle of San Jose, hours from the beach, in bikinis, and going through a car wash, so by this point there was an array of onlookers with cameras and phones all getting in on the action. The whole thing was so embarrassing, and COLD, and pretty awkward if I’m honest! But we are all super excited to see all the finished results. Ohhhhhhhh the things we do for Calavera hey! This little clip below is an insight to probably one of my most embarrassing moments of the day (the photo shoot), with Jordan filming. You gotta love Anna though for helping me through it hahahahahaha….Stay tuned for the full car wash experience coming SOON!

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