Quiksilver Surf For Youth contest, somewhere in Guanacaste….

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I was so happy to be a part of the Surf For Youth contest in Guanacaste this weekend. I want to give a huge thanks to Andrea for organising an amazing event with super good vibes, awesome surfing and all for an amazing cause. Pura Vida and we hope to see the organisation grow further and keep spreading the positive energy….
I travelled up there with Calavera girls Anna and Danielle and of course our favourite filmer Gary. I had had a long but awesome week with a Rica surf Camp, so I was pretty tired, and Anna had taken a surf board to the face earlier on that morning which resulted in 5 stitches below her mouth (!!!!!), but nevertheless we were all in good spirits and stoked on a trip! We had to leave late on Friday night to get up to Tamarindo for the contest on Saturday. I took the first driving shift, which got us 4 hours North and about 20 minutes from our final destination. By this point it was about 1.30am and I could barely keep my eyes open, so Gary took over. I immediately fell asleep in the back of the car, and from that moment I have no idea what happened hahaha. I woke up about 40 minutes later to the sound of Danielle getting out of the car to go check if the “puddle” in the road in front of us was passable…I was a bit confused because from what I had remembered it was a pretty direct, easy road to where we were supposed to be headed once I’d fallen asleep. I got out the car to investigate and pretty much immediately realised where we were. We were in a river bed!! It wasn’t a road at all…How we got there I have no idea. Anna sat there blaming the sat nav on her iphone, and Gary shrugged his shoulders and struggled to get the car in reverse…GNARLY! Hahahahaha but somewhat amusing. I jumped back in the driving seat and managed to negotiate a three point turn in the river bed and get us the hell out of there hahahaha. Fortunately we weren’t that off course, and we managed to get to our hotel by 2.30am, pretty wrecked though I have to say!
It was an early 5am start to drive the next hour to get to where the contest was being held, so we were working on about two and a half hours of sleep. The contest however was incredible. The waves were big and the atmosphere was amazing. We surfed three heats throughout the day, and by the final neither Danielle or I thought we had the energy to paddle out again…we were done! Got to give it to her though, Danielle surfed her heart out and came in with first place – YEEWWWWW – and I came in at fourth with a real sloppy performance hahaha. The whole experience was unreal though, and we were so stoked to be a part of it for such a great cause. Thank you to all of the sponsors and everyone who took part to make it such a beautiful, well organised day, we cant wait for the next one! Pura, pura vida x

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