Costa Rican National circuit Esterillos, crocodiles, and 2nd place!

Last weekend was the 3rd contest of the Costa Rican National Circuit at Esterillos. We got so lucky with the surf on both days of the contest, with day 1 being glassy and clean pretty much all day, and day 2 bringing a bit more swell and more awesome waves. I have to say though, I was slightly nerved on the 2nd day when I showed up to the beach at 6am to find a crocodile tied up that had been pulled out of the line-up where we would all be surfing!! Just like sharks or any other scary things in the water, we know they are there but we try not to think about them, but it was defiantly harder to ignore the fact when the crocodile was tied up right in front of everyone haha…YIKES! Never the less, the contest went on and there wasn’t any more sightings of others, so we all survived! Hahaha
The contest was held in front of the peak at Esterillos Oeste, and I hadn’t actually surfed there before but I was super impressed with the quality of the wave. There was a nice A-frame peak which was heavenly to surf with only three other girls in the heat, and both the lefts and the rights were awesome. The highest scoring waves I got in my heats were on the rights, which is my front side. I was really specific on my wave selection and managed to get 2 good waves in the semi finals which progressed me through into the final. The waves in the final weren’t quite as clean as they had been earlier in the day, and the tide was super low, so the conditions were a little more tricky. There was loads of current so all four of us spent most of the heat paddling around to try and get in a good position on the peak. I caught two waves pretty early on in the heat which put me into 2nd place, with the Costan Rican number one Lisbeth Vindas leading the heat. It was then really tricky for me to try and catch another wave to better my score; the sets were slow coming in and Lisbeth was marking me hard and making it difficult for me to paddle for waves. The final results were Lisbeth in first place, I got second, and Emily came in fourth, with a new girl to the circuit from Israel taking third. I am so so happy with the result, I can’t tell you! It’s my top result yet :-). I learnt a lot throughout the contest and want to congratulate Lisbeth for her solid performance throughout the weekend, and it was very inspiring to get to surf the final with her. I am really looking forward to the next contest in three weeks in Dominical. It’s a big contest for me because with my results so far I am now ranked at number 2 in Costa Rica, and I don’t want to lose that! It feels amazing! I am busy working the Rica Surf camps for the next few weeks, but I will be trying very hard to get my time training in the water as well to prepare myself for the up and coming contest. This evening I am driving 4 hours up to Tamarindo for a one day Quicksilver contest in Marbella. I am really excited and although I have been working hard this week with the business, I really hope to get another good result.
I would really like to thank everyone for all of their support, the kind comments and likes on facebook and the messages I have been receiving. It means a lot to me and really helps me get amped to work harder and keep bettering my results. Thank you guys! A3 Energy Drink and Calavera Swimwear have given me so much support this year that has helped me get to where I am so I want to thank them too 🙂 … I’m stoked for the next few weeks and preparation for the contest! x

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  1. Loving the blog Evie, good luck in Dominical! Xxxx

  2. Cait Coulombe

     /  May 8, 2012

    Number two in Costa Rica!! Hell Yeah Evie.


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