Day 3: GoPro videos for the Calavera website, Longboarding in the Glam Line!

Yesterday afternoon Anna and I set out to Esterillos on a mission to get some of the GoPro videos for the Calavera Swimwear website nailed. We decided to do the new Glam line on a longboard in a retro swim cap to change it up from the other videos on the site. There are over 50 different bikini combinations in total, and in the 2 hours we were out there I got seven done…yikes! Anna paddled out by my side wearing ALL of the suits hahaha, check out the photo above ;-), it was hilarious…This was so I could change quickly and not have to paddle in to the beach every time to get a new suit/new combination for the videos. It ended up being all very amusing and not very successful at all haha. During our first swimsuit change out the back, we got caught by a huge set! At that point in time I had no bottoms on, no leash, and I was desperately trying to hang on to the swim cap. Anna and I were laughing so much and desperately trying to figure out what do to. She was lucky enough to have another 5 bottoms on and therefore not be completely naked! I on the other hand had to quickly put my leash on and swim under the whole set, as I couldn’t get back on the board in front of the all the people in the line up with NO bottoms on! Hahaha, it was very very funny, and after that we figured it would be better that Anna go stand on the beach and we do the swimsuit change on land…
Seven combinations in two hours is pretty good going from our track record, (I normally get about two haha) so we were stoked by the end of it. I was so tired though, the final paddle out took me over 15 minutes and my arms were like jelly; all that turtle rolling killed me! I think it was my earliest night to bed this week, I must have been asleep by 8…perfect!

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