Day 1: Behind the scenes of the Calavera surf movie…

This morning we all got up at 5am to get going on the filming for the movie. We were in our new bikinis and our warrior paint and out surfing by 5.45am. The conditions were pretty gnarly to say the least hahaha. The clip I have uploaded here shows the moment just after we got out of the water and we’re sharing our experience of our final wipeouts, and I think we were all pretty traumatised hahaha! (For translation of what we are saying, please read below and please excuse the language!). The swell has been big all week, and today was no different. The paddle out was long and there were loads of rip tides and currents pulling us all over the place, which meant we had to paddle pretty much the whole session to stay in front of the film crew. It was a marathon of sprint paddling, concentrated breathing and wave selection! We managed to catch a few waves each in the couple of hours that we were out there getting hammered, and some of them were absolute bombs! I think all three of us had some pretty big wipeouts, long hold downs, and BIG sets on the head; moments where we really really didn’t want to be out there hahaha. But then there were the moments of catching the perfect wave that opened up just long enough for you to get in front of the boiling froth of white water and get in a couple of turns on the huge faces, and that is why we surf. We are SO excited to be getting some awesome shots for the movie, and make sure you stay tuned this week for more updates and behind the scenes footage!

TRANSCRIPT: Evie: “And then there was another wave coming, so I went to the beach again and the rip tide sucked me straight back into it, and then I was just like, should have just paddled out should have just paddled out. Oh my god, don’t be such a pussy next time.”
Jordan: “I ditched my board on the set, and I was like, I was like this is not gunna work, and all of a sudden it just pulled me back under and I couldn’t get up…”
Evie: “Oh Shit”
Jordan: “I grabbed my leash and tried to pull myself back up”

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  1. nice blog……………
    i put your blog in my blog.. πŸ™‚

    • Awesome! Thanks! I will be doing a behind the scenes blog all week about the filming of the new Calavera surf movie we are making in Costa Rica πŸ™‚


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