Todays Workout….550 reps….

Squat to leg lift

Squat to leg lift

No gym at home! Well, no gym that will let me sign up just for the week anyway and not charge me some ridiculous amount of money haha. Plus there is pretty much no surf, so I am doing lots of other things to stay fit. The weekend I get back to Costa Rica is the next National Circuit contest, and I also have a week’s filming with the Calavera Girls in all of the new Calavera suits, so I need to stay fit and in shape, especially with all this Easter chocolate winging itself at me haha 🙂
What I love about this workout is that you can do it at home, at whatever time you want, and you don’t need anything apart from yourself. It’s defiantly hard work and you need to be disciplined to get the most out of the session, but its a great full body workout. It’s 50 reps of 11 different exercises, all of them which I have written in a list below. I know they are not written out very clearly, because this is what I wrote for myself to help me remember the workout, so I have posted a link below where you can find the video version online…! I hope you guys enjoy it, it’s super rewarding and I’ll keep you posted with more new workouts from the week…xx
My Tip: Throughout the workout, always remember to suck in through your core; have your back straight, your chest open and shoulders back – this will maximise your workout….
Watch the workout and all the exercises here on youtube with the fabulous Suzanna 🙂

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