Surfing Salsa Brava, A3 Energy Drink, and taking the Starex for its first surf road trip!

This weekend the girls and I took ourselves off for a three day surf road trip over to the Caribbean side, Puerto Viejo. Rica Surf have just invested in a new starex mini van, so we thought it was only necessary to take it out for a good spin and make sure everything works well! hahaha….We had a brief stop off on the way out to get a new radio fitted so we could play all of our favourite songs, and then we were on our way!
We passed through San Jose on our way across the country to pick up a case of A3 Energy Drink to take on our trip with us. THANK YOU GUYS! It soon became the highlight of the trip; keeping our energies on a maximum high and giving us something to share with everyone that we met on our way. We love A3 🙂
We ended up staying in an awesome place in the centre of Puerto Viejo called The Lazy Mon, which is right in front of the main surf break, Salsa Brava. I could actually see the break from lying in my bed…insane! There’s a great restaurant and bar underneath the hotel, with friendly staff, a pool table, a ping pong table and lots of good vibes! We will defiantly be going back to stay there again.
We had a really fun non-stop weekend (I blame the A3 :-)!!). We surfed for hours everyday, whether it was Salsa Brava or Cocles; we made our way around all of our favourite restaurants and bars; we played who knows how many games of pool and ping pong; we listened to all of our favourite songs and found some new favourites; we danced a lot haha; and we met so many great people and new friends. The highlight of the trip however had to be surfing Salsa. I have been scared of that wave since the first time I ever saw it, and I certainly never thought I would be surfing it anytime soon. The swell however was really small, and the first morning we checked it, we decided that if there was ever a moment to get out there and learn that wave, this would be it! I was stoked to have Nancy by my side and someone to paddle out with, I don’t think I would have done it by myself. The channel out through the reef is pretty thin, and you need to know where to go once you are out there. The water was so incredibly clear, and you could see every single detail of the reef as you paddled over it. It was really amazing, and actually kind of lucky, because it meant that navigating our way out through the channel was easy because we could see exactly where to go! Once we were out there I loved it; the wave was insane. The way it sucks up over the reef was mesmerising, and I couldn’t wait to get into one! We were really lucky that the wave was small, because it meant that there wasn’t much of a crowd and we were able to catch a good few waves each and learn the break better. I can’t tell you HOW happy I am to have surfed Salsa and got my bearings on it. I have wanted to paddle out in to that line up every time I come here, and now I have! It’s such a good feeling! I am defiantly going to be coming back when there is a bit more swell and surfing there again. It’s my mission this year to get that wave dialled (and get a lot braver!!), but all of this seems a lot closer now that I have been out there and surfed it. YEEESSSSSSSSSS.

Right now I am sitting in San Jose airport waiting for my flight home to England. Of course it is delayed, but that’s okay because I had a few things to catch up on anyway. I am really looking forward to spending a week with my family and catching up with friends from home before a really busy next few months back out in Costa Rica.

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  1. liswilliams

     /  April 4, 2012

    Hi Evie, I would love to interview you. I will just send you a few questions.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes please feel free to send me any questions you like, I will be happy to answer them 🙂

      Evie x


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