Fecha 3, Circuito Nacional de Costa Rica, Esterillos

Fecha 3, Circuito Nacional de Costa Rica, Esterillos

Made it through my first heat today in the third contest of the Costa Rican National Circuit at Esterillos. We were really lucky to have some awesome waves, and I’m now preparing for a really tough heat in the semi finals tomorrow!

Day 3: GoPro videos for the Calavera website, Longboarding in the Glam Line!

Yesterday afternoon Anna and I set out to Esterillos on a mission to get some of the GoPro videos for the Calavera Swimwear website nailed. We decided to do the new Glam line on a longboard in a retro swim cap to change it up from the other videos on the site. There are over 50 different bikini combinations in total, and in the 2 hours we were out there I got seven done…yikes! Anna paddled out by my side wearing ALL of the suits hahaha, check out the photo above ;-), it was hilarious…This was so I could change quickly and not have to paddle in to the beach every time to get a new suit/new combination for the videos. It ended up being all very amusing and not very successful at all haha. During our first swimsuit change out the back, we got caught by a huge set! At that point in time I had no bottoms on, no leash, and I was desperately trying to hang on to the swim cap. Anna and I were laughing so much and desperately trying to figure out what do to. She was lucky enough to have another 5 bottoms on and therefore not be completely naked! I on the other hand had to quickly put my leash on and swim under the whole set, as I couldn’t get back on the board in front of the all the people in the line up with NO bottoms on! Hahaha, it was very very funny, and after that we figured it would be better that Anna go stand on the beach and we do the swimsuit change on land…
Seven combinations in two hours is pretty good going from our track record, (I normally get about two haha) so we were stoked by the end of it. I was so tired though, the final paddle out took me over 15 minutes and my arms were like jelly; all that turtle rolling killed me! I think it was my earliest night to bed this week, I must have been asleep by 8…perfect!

Day 3: Behind the scenes – Surfing with the Calavera Girls….

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The swell dropped quite a bit today AT LAST haha, so all of us were really stoked to get out there and get stuck into some fun fun surf this morning. The conditions were awesome and there were some really long rides and fun sections; a good session all round!
We’re back at home now to grab some food and have a quick rest, then we’re off again at 2pm for our next surf filming adventure…Yeaaaaah x

Day 2: Behind the scenes of the Calavera short surf film, Water Warriors…More surfing and more warrior paint!

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This morning we were up super early again to catch the tide and the waves to continue filming for the surf movie. The swell hadn’t really dropped so we were still battling with big sets and lots of paddling. Nevertheless Danielle, Jordan and I managed to get a few waves each, desperately trying to avoid the super heavy closeout sets that were coming through every 15-20 minutes! It was manic. We surfed for a good couple of hours during the morning session, and great job to Jordan who got the barrel of the day – go girl!
Later on we came down to surf again at around 1. We re-painted on our warrior faces and headed back out for some more waves. The conditions weren’t great with the tide being too low, and as soon as we paddled out a huge rainstorm came and chased away our film crew haha. But within 15 minutes, the rain had past, the offshore had cleaned up the surf, the tide was filling in, the sun came out and the conditions were awesome. Stoked! Fortunately one of our filmers Gary was still around to get some footage of the afternoon, so we were good to go. It was a long long session; Danielle and I actually stayed out until after 5.30. There was still a lot of size to the swell, with some monstrous sets coming through, and we all took some serious waves on the head hahaha. One wave actually slammed my face into the board so hard that my braces cut through my lips and now I have a swollen mouth haha. Gnarly! We hope that the swell is going to drop a little bit tomorrow so we can get our wave count up and get some more of the footage that we are looking for. This evening we are all SO tired from the paddling, the adrenaline, the wipeouts haha, and probably the 7 hours of surfing! I can barely even walk.
Big dinner now followed by a good sleep, because tomorrow is going to be another early one and hopefully some more awesome waves!! Yippeeeeee x

Day 1: Behind the scenes of the Calavera surf movie…

This morning we all got up at 5am to get going on the filming for the movie. We were in our new bikinis and our warrior paint and out surfing by 5.45am. The conditions were pretty gnarly to say the least hahaha. The clip I have uploaded here shows the moment just after we got out of the water and we’re sharing our experience of our final wipeouts, and I think we were all pretty traumatised hahaha! (For translation of what we are saying, please read below and please excuse the language!). The swell has been big all week, and today was no different. The paddle out was long and there were loads of rip tides and currents pulling us all over the place, which meant we had to paddle pretty much the whole session to stay in front of the film crew. It was a marathon of sprint paddling, concentrated breathing and wave selection! We managed to catch a few waves each in the couple of hours that we were out there getting hammered, and some of them were absolute bombs! I think all three of us had some pretty big wipeouts, long hold downs, and BIG sets on the head; moments where we really really didn’t want to be out there hahaha. But then there were the moments of catching the perfect wave that opened up just long enough for you to get in front of the boiling froth of white water and get in a couple of turns on the huge faces, and that is why we surf. We are SO excited to be getting some awesome shots for the movie, and make sure you stay tuned this week for more updates and behind the scenes footage!

TRANSCRIPT: Evie: “And then there was another wave coming, so I went to the beach again and the rip tide sucked me straight back into it, and then I was just like, should have just paddled out should have just paddled out. Oh my god, don’t be such a pussy next time.”
Jordan: “I ditched my board on the set, and I was like, I was like this is not gunna work, and all of a sudden it just pulled me back under and I couldn’t get up…”
Evie: “Oh Shit”
Jordan: “I grabbed my leash and tried to pull myself back up”

Kicking off the Calavera surf movie with a BBQ…

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This week we are filming the new Calavera surf movie. Woo HOO! Here are some shots from last nights BBQ where all the girls and the film crew got together to plan the schedule for the week. We got to pick out our 2013 bikinis which we will be wearing and testing throughout the film, and I can’t show photos but I can tell you that they are AMAZING, and completely divine…I am so excited to get to spend the week with my Calavera girls Anna, Jordan and Danielle and score some sick waves. Stay tuned for more behind the scene photos and footage! x

Thanks to A3 Energy for fuelling our surf session today!

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Thanks to A3 for fuelling our surf session today! With the help of team rider Jairo Perez everyone caught awesome waves and we can’t wait to get back out there again tomorrow with the surf photographer 🙂 x

Rica Surf girls in their Calaveras!

Cait and Tricia have been out here in Costa Rica this week learning to surf with me. We had numerous bikini malfunctions in the first couple of days, so they were stoked to get their hands on their very own Calavera suits :-)….HOW GORGEOUS DO THEY LOOK! Yay! x

Hiking up to the mirador

We had a really awesome hike yesterday with the Rica Surf crew. They are a great group that all seem to like staying fit and love getting involved in all the activities. We are looking forward to a super fun week with them, with plenty of surfing adventures!

Representing in the Manual Tent!