Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP in the am
Stand Up Paddle Boarding….if you haven’t tried it – you have to! It’s an awesome whole body work out, great fun, and ALWAYS available when there is no surf :-)…..I dropped our four guests on the Rica Surf Camp this week to go paddling this morning to the Island in Herradura, and I was very jealous not to be heading out with them! The conditions were beautiful, with a glassy flat plain all the way out to the island tip. I ended up going to the gym instead (no where near as fun!!), BUT I have booked my self in for a paddle on Sunday morning…stoked!
I am also really excited about my new camera I just got, it’s rad, so be prepared for a happy snappy blog for the next months to come! LOVE IT…!

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  1. I have to agree that paddle boarding is the best option when the surf if not participating. Still gets you into the water and lets you enjoy a workout and some sunshine. I also just got a new waterproof camera and I can’t wait to take it on some water filled adventures with me.


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