Gyming this morning…..

Heading to the gym!
So this morning I had an hour free while our Rica Surf guests were out stand up paddle boarding, so me and Nancy decided to use this time to go to the gym…! YAY…haha. Here’s our mornings workout and what it consisted of….

Gym workout this morning….
An INTENSE 20 minutes on the bike haha
100 sit ups
40 leg pull ups
48 torso twists
48 varied squats with 50 Kilo weight
40 lunges
The Laura Enever surf workout 🙂 12 minutes
Skipping 4 minutes

AND DONE….back to work!

I had to share these two photos. Somehow…and I really don’t know how haha, but Nancy and I always seem to end up at the gym wearing matching outfits…Not just slightly matching, but almost identical! By the time we meet there it’s too late to go back and change…is it too embarrassing?? We haven’t decided yet….!

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