Long day…time for me to go to the gym!

It’s been a long long day, well, actually a long week. I have been surf training really early in the mornings, the occasional surf lesson in the afternoons, and then working all throughout the day answering emails and getting things ready for the up and coming surf camps we have running with my business Rica Surf. We are super stoked to have so many bookings and so many guests coming over the next few months, but it is defiantly keeping me VERY busy and by the end of the day I am whacked!

This morning surf training went really; we are doing video analysis at the moment which I always feel helps improve my surfing more than anything. I hate watching myself surf haha, but each day looking over the footage means that the next day I can go out and fix what I am doing wrong. I love it. After training I worked a couple of hours in the office before heading to Jaco to run some errands. We have four clients arriving for surf camp starting tomorrow, so there are a couple of things to organise to get everything ready. I then spent two and a half hours queueing in the bank. Two and a half hours. I have NO idea why it is so slow, I don’t know if it’s Costa Rica style or just my bad luck, but its insanely frustrating! Anyway, it’s been a long day as I said, and I am now out and have a couple of hours to myself before my next mission…So I am off to the gym. YAY! I love going to the gym – its the best way to get me feeling energised and positive after a lot of work. Apart from surfing, it’s my other motivator! I have been doing a lot of cardio recently, especially leg strengthening exercises like cycling and running to make my surfing more powerful. I have also been working a lot on core excersises in my workout. I will add a couple over the next couple of days that I include in my routine. The Laura Enever Nike surf workout videos are awesome, and I follow a lot of them religiously. Above is one that I am working on at the moment; it’s defiantly tricky and I can only do 12 on each leg, but its so good for core strengthening! Stay tuned for more good surfing workouts over the next week :-).

For now I am signing out, getting my trainers on and heading to the gym. I MAY even have time to go for a drink with the girls tonight – now that is good motivation – it is Friday after all. x

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