Reef Classic Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Santa Teresa....Sets coming in!!!

I am back home surfing in Playa Hermosa after a long weekend away in Santa Teresa at the Reef ALAS Latin Pro Contest. It was a really awesome contest, and we were super lucky with the surf throughout the weekend, with solid over head swell and offshore winds for the most part. I was really stoked to get the semi finals and end up in 5= place. I was SO close to getting into the final, and I would have been over the moon to get that far, but this just makes me want to come back to the next contest and surf harder and better than ever. I learnt so much and I am really excited to train hard and use this experience to improve my surfing and my competition skills. Bring on the training!!!

It is going to be my goal to get to all of the Latin Pro events next year; I would love to get the chance to see all of the amazing countries and get to do the whole series. I loved the atmosphere and it was amazing to meet all of the surfers that came from all over Latin America to participate in the contest. The level of surfing is really high and something for me to aspire to, I was so lucky to be able to share waves with all these awesome surfers! Big thanks to Calavera Swimwear for all the support and making it possible for me to be at this contest. I want to give my congratulations to all the other girls in the contest who were ripping, it was really great to meet you all and get to surf with you! Special mentions to Valerie Sole from Peru who absolutely killed it out there, Natalie Bernold from Costa Rica who won 1st place, and Danielle Ciminero my Calavera girl for getting third place – go GIRL! Good luck to everyone going on the long drive to Panama for the next contest of the series this weekend. I am so gutted not to be able to get to go for work reasons, I can’t tell you, but next year I am going to work really hard to get to all of the events. Thank you everyone for all the support….x

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