My Surf Contest Essentials

Surf contest necessities

  • SURFBOARDS! Obviously haha. I’ve got my two magic boards with me on this trip, the Bobby and the Corey. Its important to have a spare in case something happens to the first choice.
  • My Calavera Bikinis. No bikini stays on better while I surf. It’s so awesome to have a super cool design that I don’t have to worry about falling off during my heat. One less thing to worry about. Thanks Calavera!
  • I love my trainers more than anything; I take my nikeys with me everywhere. Comfy feet are happy feet, plus I love being able to go for a jog or do a few exercises throughout the weekend.
  • Sunglasses are super important to protect your eyes. My vonzippers are my favorite because they have mirrored lenses, so people can’t see where I am looking 😉 hahahahahaha. During the contest I try to spend as little time in the sun as I can. The sun really zaps your energy so always try and find a shady spot to sit, and wear a hat when you can.
  • I always carry plenty of wax on me all the time, and a fin key!
  • My Nixon watch with the timer. ESSENTIAL for heats.
  • Power bars. Energy in a packet! I LOVE these things. They are great to have after a heat, before a heat, or after a practice surf to boost your energy and get glucose to your muscles. Muscle recovery is much quicker!
  • Bananas and nutella are a good energising treat and soooo tasty. I always carry them in my bag with me.
  • Sun cream is essential! I chose surfers skin zinc which is a great block for the face.
  • Plenty of water. Its so important to stay hydrated. Drink drink drink, even when your not thirsty. I try to aim for 3 litres a day.
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