Preparing for the ALAS contest, Santa Teresa

I arrived in Santa Teresa at about midnight last night, and at 6.30am this morning went straight to where the contest was being held to get a practice surf in and sign up.  The waves were awesome; super long lefts and rights, even though it was low tide, and offshore winds. Its perfect contest conditions (for now….haha!!). The girls’ heats are not being run today, so I surfed for about 40 minutes and have now come back to my room to rest. I’m still pretty tired after all the travelling yesterday and winding down from a busy week of working. I’m looking forward to a day of relaxing, and another short surf later on this afternoon to check out how the waves are breaking at high tide. It’s been insanely hot here the last few days, but I’ve got the AC blaring in my room, and I’m tucked up in bed wearing my hoodie, and eating bananas dipped in Nutella. Oh WHAT A DAY. This is an important time for me to relax my mind and focus on what I have to do tomorrow in the contest. I have been training hard and I really want to get a good result this time, focus, focus, focus.

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