Buying car parts in Parrita and fancy dress in Ropa Americana :-)

Rocking out in Ropa Americana!

So yesterday Nancy and I went to Parrita to buy a spare part for my car; the bomba hydrolica to be exact. (What it is in English I have NO idea haha but it’s going to help get my power steering back!!). Parrita is about a 20 minute drive South of where we live in Playa Hermosa, and it’s a great place to buy useful stuff. There is an awesome store to buy second hand car parts for cheap, and they normally have what you need! Anyway, so after buying the parts needed for the car, we found ourselves amongst some rather fabulous (or not so fabulous) outfits in the Ropa Americana thrift store next door. Its like walking through a time warp into the 1970’s, 80, and 90’s all mashed together. Here is a little bit of what we found :-)…and I wont embarrass us both by telling you all what we bought!!! But I will say we are in desperate need of some fancy dress parties soon! Gotta love mini road trips with the Nancy…xxx

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