First Contest of the Costa Rican National Circuit

Prize Giving - GO DANIELLE!!!

Prize Giving - GO DANIELLE!!!

This weekend was the first contest of the National Circuit in Costa Rica. First of all, I would like to say a HUGE congratulations to my friend and fellow Calavera Swimwear girl Danielle Ciminero for getting first place! YEAAAAH – such a great result. Unfortunately I, on the other hand, didn’t do so well haha. I was knocked out in the early stages of the contest after a shocking heat of closeouts, bad luck, and probably poor wave selection! I was really gutted to be knocked out so early without even getting the chance to surf properly, but I guess this is the way it goes sometimes. My coach tells me its OK and it’s all part of the training, and that I shouldn’t let it upset me, but I can’t help but feel like I have let myself down and everyone else, so I am genuinely sad. I really wanted a better result. I would like to thank my sponsors, Calavera Swimwear and A3 Energy Drink for making it possible for me to take part and be there. It was a great weekend and the organization was fantastic, so thank you the circuit organizers and all of the contest sponsors for making it happen. I learn something from every new experience, and I will be able to carry this through to the next contest with me and strive for a better result. Lots of training in this week coming!

On the brighter side, I have been invited to the Caribbean this week for a surf and lifestyle photo shoot with two freelance photographers and writers from the UK and California. They are here to write up some articles for surf magazines, so I am looking forward to scoring some good waves and good times with the girls! The surf forecast looks insane….so stay posted for photos and updates!

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