Day off (sort of), clean boards, and contest preparation!

Clean Boards!!

Clean Boards!!

In preparation for the contest this weekend, today was my rest day. Well, supposed to be my rest day haha. We actually ended up having to do a last minute surf photo shoot at 6am this morning, so my plan of having a lie in was not fulfilled! Nevertheless, everything went well and it wasn’t a super hardcore surf, so the rest of the day I have been taking it easy. I always find it hard to relax and have a day giving my body a break. Its so frustrating when all you want to do is surf! But giving yourself a rest is so necessary for your mind and your body; tomorrow I am looking forward to feeling fresh and replenished!

I killed time today by watching loads of surf movies, napping, eating and I cleaned my two favourite boards ready for the weekend, (Bobby and the Corey – yes they all have names!). I love my surfboards, and I take so much pride in them, but I am not going to lie, cleaning them I find a bit of a hassle sometimes! I have however, recently been introduced to this thing called The Pickle. It’s awesome. I do the usual thing and leave my board in the sun for a couple of minutes and then scrape off most of the excess wax with my least used credit card, or a wax comb if I can find one. THEN you use the pickle 🙂 It’s a chemical free dry wax remover. It takes off all of the extra wax and dirt so fast and so easily and makes your board look brand new. I couldn’t recommend it enough, it works like a dream. Theres no better feeling than having your board super clean with fresh wax, whether your preparing for a contest or just feel like giving your board a bit of a makeover. Show your board some love x

Link: Where to buy your Pickle Wax Remover


The Pickle

The Pickle

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