More surfing and surf tips!

Surf Training this morning

Surf Training this morningSurf Training

Surf Training

Surf Training

Caught some super fun rights this morning in training. The banks were perfect and it was like surfing a right hand point break – I LOVE it when that happens!

Top tip for surfing: When doing your bottom turn (backside and frontside), touch the wave with your hand (your hand closest to the wave). This will help you compress and bend your back knee, creating a sharper line and making your turn more vertical. It’s also really helpful to to plant your hand in the wave on your turns as well, this keeps your shoulders over the rails and helps to generate more power through your turn. Holding your hand in the wave when you’re trying to get barrelled as well helps you hold your line and stops you from sliding down the face of the wave. Soooo the lesson for today and something to practice for the week is always try and keep a point of contact with the wave with your hand. Feel the difference!

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