Apres surf Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto

This morning I had an awesome training session at Esterillos. Like I had predicted, we were practising contest surfing again and this time doing 10 minute heats, as opposed to the 15 and 20 minute heats we were doing last week. It was just as much hard work as I had expected, and more! It involved a lot of very fast paddling and concentration haha. Overall I feel like I had a really great session today and learnt ALOT, so I’m super stoked and ready for my next session tomorrow and preparing myself for the weekend.

After surfing, me and Nancy were starving, so we went for our usual apres surf breakfast at Backyard Bar in Hermosa- a huge plate of gallo pinto – YUM! Backyard have a special surfer breakfast offer of pinto, eggs, sour cream, tortillas and coffee for only 1500 colones ($3)! So if you are living here and haven’t discovered this yet, then you should….it ROCKS!! Theres nothing better than having a huge plate of pinto after a surf; all protein and carbohydrates to re-energise you for your next session.

For those of you who don’t live in Costa Rica, or know the food, gallo pinto is a typical breakfast here. It’s made with rice, beans, onion, sweet red pepper, cilantro (coriander), salt, pepper and a splash of salsa lizano ;-). It’s normally accompanied with eggs and tortillas, and if you’re really lucky you get Tico cheese as well (my favourite!). It’s the perfect apres surf breaky!

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