Surfing Playa Hermosa

Surfing Playa Hermosa

Surfing Playa Hermosa

After a playful weekend surfing in Santa Teresa, I am now back home in Playa Hermosa and back to training! Today we were running heats of 15 minutes, as opposed to 20 minute heats which we were practising last week. It’s funny how five minutes makes such a difference, and how the pressure can affect you. In my first heat this morning I didn’t even catch a wave, and in my second heat I didn’t catch a wave scoring more than two points – USELESS. My fault for not warming up properly and not concentrating! In these 15 minute heats it’s really important to catch a wave in the first five minutes, preferably a decent one, so you can remain calm and wait for a better scoring wave in the final 10 minutes, and hopefully catch a third in the final minutes. By the end of my eighth heat of the morning, I was doing much better, choosing better waves, and managing my time more effectively. I dread to think what’s going to happen when we start doing ten minute heats!

The advantages of running these shorter heats means that when you are competing in heats of 20 minutes, it suddenly feels like a really long time, so you are much more relaxed and patient in waiting for good waves. This is super important.

Tomorrow we are going to be doing video analysis, which I love and hate at the same time haha, but its killer for your surfing, so I’m excited….fingers crossed the waves are still good!

Thanks to Hotel Tortuga Del Mar for the photo 🙂

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