Contest practice – surfing heats

I have officially started my surf training! – YAY – I’m stoked because its only just over 2 months now before I go home back to England to do the UKPSA circuit, and I really want to be well prepared for this season.

This morning we were running practice heats of 20 minutes. This is a great way to get you concentrating and stay focused in the water whilst surfing– something I defiantly need to work on! Sometimes I end up chatting for way too long, missing good waves, paddling for the wrong waves, and not concentrating on my maneuvers 100%, so running these 20 minute heats gives you a short, focussed time frame to work in. It also brings your awareness to wave selection, which is probably the most important part of competing – choosing the best waves. When in your heat it’s important to manage your time properly – don’t try and catch too many waves or waste time and energy paddling for low scoring waves. Your two highest scoring waves are the ones that count and add up to your final score, so your aim in the 20 minutes is to catch two decent long waves, surfing strongly and executing manoeuvres. Once you’ve caught two waves, you then need to concentrate on getting higher scoring waves to better your overall score. Each wave you catch you should be always bettering your score. For exmaple if you have caught two waves – a 5.5 and a 6 – then you need to be looking for a wave that is going to give you 7, an 8 or something higher. You should be almost competing with yourself throughout the heat. This means being patient, waiting for the good ones and staying focussed! You may only catch three waves in the 20 minutes, but this doesn’t matter if you have scored highly – quality over quantity.

My Nixon

My Nixon

Here I have posted a link to one of my favourite possessions, my Nixon tide watch. It’s imperative to have a stop watch when surf training, timing is everything. This watch is my FAVOURITE. It’s so comfortable and practical. It has the tide times for beaches all over the world, a timer, an alarm, wave chrono, a light, and it comes in super cute colours. I have the purple and turquoise one :-). A must have surf accessory! Be careful when checking out the Nixon site, they have A LOT of very very nice watches, this one is only the beginning!

Nixon Tide Watches

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  1. Alexandra Annesley

     /  February 13, 2012

    miss u johnstone!!! get back here asap!! love u xxxx

    • Miss you too! So glad your reading the blog :-)….I’m back home in May time and will make a bee line to come and see you – xx


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