Surfing Popoyo and Travelling Nicaragua


Travelling in pure surfer style....

Having had lots and lots of fun in Granada, I eventually I made it to the beach in Nicaragua, first stop Popoyo! And WHAT A WAVE. A left and right reef break that has both barrel and rippable sections. I defiantly recommend any surfers travelling central America to go check it out. (But make sure there is a swell!!!). Unfortunately for me I didn’t catch it very big, but you can defiantly see the potential. Surrounding Popoyo are a bunch of other awesome beach breaks, including a barreling beach break, Sant Ana, about 30 minutes walk to the South, and a fun barreling right off of the river mouth at the North end of the beach. FUN FUN FUN. I stayed in a hostel for $6 a night with my own private room – BARGAIN, and you can also expect cheap beer and food too. It’s an awesome spot and very beautiful, but you are kind of in the middle of no where. Be sure to take enough money because there is no bank or ATM for at least a 2hr drive, and internet can be sparse, so just be prepared 🙂

My other only piece of advice is, if you are travelling in January/February through Nicaragua, the offshore winds are strong and the water is COLD. So take a wetsuit! I know it sounds crazy to think that you need a wetsuit in Central America, and for the most part you don’t, but at this time of year here, you defiantly do! Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

Sunset Popoyo

View from Santa Ana looking towards Popoyo

View from Santa Ana looking towards Popoyo

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