Road tripping over to the Caribbean!! Puerto Viejo here we come!

Colourful palm trees in Puerto Viejo

Colourful palm trees in Puerto Viejo

On a mission to find waves!! The surf has been flat (ish) on the Pacific now for over 10 days, so I have come over to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to score some surf. It’s been pumping here for the last few weeks and I have seen SO MANY photos of people getting barrelled and coming back super-happy-stoked. I jumped in the car last night with my Italian friend Monica and her doggie Nami, and we are desperate to find good surf! We rocked up late and are staying in a place in the centre of Puerto Viejo called Maritza. The location is awesome and it has all the amenities you need – AC, TV, wifi, kitchen, hot water 🙂 – it’s perfect. It’s right in front of the main peak Salsa Brava, and a short stroll from a super tasty bakery called PAN PAY which has amazing croissant and coffee which we picked up on the way to check the surf this morning (a must go!). The town is filled with surfers and tourists, and theres loads of GREAT restaurants – I don’t even know where to begin! The nightlife I also hear is a blast, so we are looking forward to some fun reggae parties while we’re in town. There is a bunch of beach breaks in the area too which we will be exploring – Cocles, Playa Negra and Manzanillo are defiantly on the list. Looking forward to a surf filled 2 day adventure in the Caribbean!

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