No waves! Chasing culture in Granada, Nicaragua

Mags and Evie tour Granada

I have arrived in Nicaragua – YAYYY. The journey was long, and the border crossing was EXTREMELY hot and as always, involved a lot of walking around and lugging board bags and bags through the mud. For any of you who don’t know this area of the world, Nicaragua is the bordering country above Costa Rica, and often has sick waves and offshore winds all day! Yeaaaah!

I am up here to score some surf with a group of British surfers and body boarders to get some photos for a magazine. But before I go to the coast to meet the group, I am spending a couple of days exploring the culture, bars, and restaurants in Nicaragua’s oldest colonial city, Granada.

I am here with Margriet, and this morning we jumped on a horse and carriage to tour around the town in style. Haha. We sat there eating chocolate ice creams and listening to our guide tell us historial facts in fast spanish, of which we understood about 30% haha….Perfect πŸ™‚

We just had an AMAZING lunch at The Irish Pub (I know, Nicaragua???), but we couldn’t resist the sound of battered fish and chips and a nice ice cold Tonia (Nicaraguan beer). And booyyyyyyyy it was so good!! I think one of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, and that’s talk from someone who’s eaten ALOT. I highly recommend anyone passing through Granada go try this fish and chips. It rocks!

This evening we are off searching for more local beers, music, and salsa dancing πŸ™‚ Good Times!!


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