Hanging out with my Magsie

Ooooo today I am feeling a lot better. Not surfing yet, and not gyming yet either, but feeling like tomorrow I may be able to go for a gentle session. The physio tells me to keep icing my back, it still hurts, but I am convinced that my session of acupuncture yesterday was my savior. I am going for another one on Monday, and then hopefully by Wednesday I will be mended, fingers crossed.

Today I went to hang with my best friend Magsie. She’s an artist, and she has a super cool little café and art studio in Santa Teresa. They make the BEST burritos ever, my favourite is the tico cheese one.

She’s makes these awesome t-shirts and t-shirt dresses too, perfect for hanging out on the beach and wearing on the hot days. We took a couple of photos to put on her website. Her studio is filled with wicked pieces of art as well, scattered EVERYWHERE. Anything from small painted pieces of drift wood, to huge 2metre canvasses. My house is FILLED with her stuff. You have to check it out!


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