Oh the importance of Sunscreen


I was stoked when my brother left me some super good sunscreen when he went back to England. Now, I am a sunscreen fanatic. I spend WAY too much time in the sun for a blond pale Brit, so I’m always really careful with the sun cream I choose. I surf all through the morning, all the way through lunch, and I surf while the sun goes down. Anything below 30spf is useless to me, especially with the burning hot sun I spend my days in, and of course it has to be super super super waterproof, aaaand not run into your eyes- that’s defiantly annoying. I normally swear by the AloeGator spf40 gel, which sees me through a good couple of hours in the water without getting burnt. But this Surfers Skin stuff my brother left me is defiantly a rival. So far, so good. As well as the full sun cream, I got this killer little pot of Surfers Skin zinc as well, which I slap on all over my face. It ‘s not the best look, I won’t lie, but it’s defiantly better than wrinkles by the time I reach 23! It’s so important to protect your skin for so many reasons, and a layer of zinc on top of your usual sunscreen is really key for your face.


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