My top 5 surf tunes


I love listening to these songs before I go for a surf or when I go to the gym to train. They always get me psyched up and stoked to get in the water and surf harder. Two of the songs, Hunting for Witches and Just a Little bit, come from the Nike 6.0 girls surf movie, Leave a Message. This surf film is such an inspiration to me, the girls are absolutely killing it and it’s great to see the production of such an awesome girls surf film – I watch it pretty much everyday!

The song My Delirium by Lady Hawke I first heard in the Rusty Movie, Changes. It was one of the few surf movies we had on DVD in the house I lived in last year, so naturally it was always playing in the background and especially before we all went to surf. This song brings a lot of good memories! Plus, you gotta love the Rusty Boys. Featuring Jamie O’Brien (an all time favorite of mine), Josh Kerr, the Harrington Brothers, Jay Davies, Jayke Sharpe, and Nate Yeomans, this is a movie filled with BIG AIRS, BIG BARRELS and pure pure stoke to make you wanna get out there and surf!

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