View from my Bed!

This is probably the best “bed” view I have ever had :-). I am sleeping outside on a deck on a super comfy double mattress in front of an all white house looking out into the jungle. It’s super cool, and  the stars and moon during the night are so bright and perfect. HEAVEN! When can I move here forever????

No waves! Chasing culture in Granada, Nicaragua

Mags and Evie tour Granada

I have arrived in Nicaragua – YAYYY. The journey was long, and the border crossing was EXTREMELY hot and as always, involved a lot of walking around and lugging board bags and bags through the mud. For any of you who don’t know this area of the world, Nicaragua is the bordering country above Costa Rica, and often has sick waves and offshore winds all day! Yeaaaah!

I am up here to score some surf with a group of British surfers and body boarders to get some photos for a magazine. But before I go to the coast to meet the group, I am spending a couple of days exploring the culture, bars, and restaurants in Nicaragua’s oldest colonial city, Granada.

I am here with Margriet, and this morning we jumped on a horse and carriage to tour around the town in style. Haha. We sat there eating chocolate ice creams and listening to our guide tell us historial facts in fast spanish, of which we understood about 30% haha….Perfect 🙂

We just had an AMAZING lunch at The Irish Pub (I know, Nicaragua???), but we couldn’t resist the sound of battered fish and chips and a nice ice cold Tonia (Nicaraguan beer). And booyyyyyyyy it was so good!! I think one of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, and that’s talk from someone who’s eaten ALOT. I highly recommend anyone passing through Granada go try this fish and chips. It rocks!

This evening we are off searching for more local beers, music, and salsa dancing 🙂 Good Times!!


I love sunset!


Wooo hoooo I am back in the water and surfing again!

So stoked today to paddle back out into the line up this morning. I know it’s only been a week that I haven’t been able to surf, but it felt like so much longer than that. My back feels a lot better now and I am able to train again, but softly softly. Looking forward to a gym session later on, and sunset surf this evening. Yeaaaaaaaah

Hanging out with my Magsie

Ooooo today I am feeling a lot better. Not surfing yet, and not gyming yet either, but feeling like tomorrow I may be able to go for a gentle session. The physio tells me to keep icing my back, it still hurts, but I am convinced that my session of acupuncture yesterday was my savior. I am going for another one on Monday, and then hopefully by Wednesday I will be mended, fingers crossed.

Today I went to hang with my best friend Magsie. She’s an artist, and she has a super cool little café and art studio in Santa Teresa. They make the BEST burritos ever, my favourite is the tico cheese one.

She’s makes these awesome t-shirts and t-shirt dresses too, perfect for hanging out on the beach and wearing on the hot days. We took a couple of photos to put on her website. Her studio is filled with wicked pieces of art as well, scattered EVERYWHERE. Anything from small painted pieces of drift wood, to huge 2metre canvasses. My house is FILLED with her stuff. You have to check it out!

Baby turtles hatching in front of my house

So stoked!! This morning I woke up and there were over 300 baby turtles hatching in front of my house in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. AND I was lucky enough to have the video camera on me, so I made a little clip. My favourite was a lighter color than all the rest – I called him the albino one. Here’s 20 seconds of the magic, they are so cute – ENJOY xoxo

Oh the importance of Sunscreen


I was stoked when my brother left me some super good sunscreen when he went back to England. Now, I am a sunscreen fanatic. I spend WAY too much time in the sun for a blond pale Brit, so I’m always really careful with the sun cream I choose. I surf all through the morning, all the way through lunch, and I surf while the sun goes down. Anything below 30spf is useless to me, especially with the burning hot sun I spend my days in, and of course it has to be super super super waterproof, aaaand not run into your eyes- that’s defiantly annoying. I normally swear by the AloeGator spf40 gel, which sees me through a good couple of hours in the water without getting burnt. But this Surfers Skin stuff my brother left me is defiantly a rival. So far, so good. As well as the full sun cream, I got this killer little pot of Surfers Skin zinc as well, which I slap on all over my face. It ‘s not the best look, I won’t lie, but it’s defiantly better than wrinkles by the time I reach 23! It’s so important to protect your skin for so many reasons, and a layer of zinc on top of your usual sunscreen is really key for your face.

My top 5 surf tunes


I love listening to these songs before I go for a surf or when I go to the gym to train. They always get me psyched up and stoked to get in the water and surf harder. Two of the songs, Hunting for Witches and Just a Little bit, come from the Nike 6.0 girls surf movie, Leave a Message. This surf film is such an inspiration to me, the girls are absolutely killing it and it’s great to see the production of such an awesome girls surf film – I watch it pretty much everyday!

The song My Delirium by Lady Hawke I first heard in the Rusty Movie, Changes. It was one of the few surf movies we had on DVD in the house I lived in last year, so naturally it was always playing in the background and especially before we all went to surf. This song brings a lot of good memories! Plus, you gotta love the Rusty Boys. Featuring Jamie O’Brien (an all time favorite of mine), Josh Kerr, the Harrington Brothers, Jay Davies, Jayke Sharpe, and Nate Yeomans, this is a movie filled with BIG AIRS, BIG BARRELS and pure pure stoke to make you wanna get out there and surf!